25 October 2017

A Hint of What Could Be?

Marcheshvan 5778

HKB"H was merciful to the United States. He took a US territory and showed the rest of the country what could be if things don't change. If North Korea gets a shot off, it will likely be to make an EMP across the entire country. And with an EMP, even generators won't help as all the electronics are fried. 

I think all these long power outages across the western world with all these storms are a hint to what may be waiting in the wings. And this is the warning. Take the following to heart and if you can't or won't get out, at least prepare.

MORE: Understanding North Korea’s EMP Threat

This is the apocalypse North Korea wants to unleash


  1. An EMP is far worse than just losing power from a hurricane. All water pumping stations are disabled -- no water available. All vehicles are disabled -- no food resupply. All hospital equipment is disabled -- no medical support equipment. All backup generator are disabled -- no backup electricity available. All transportation is disabled -- no way out of there.

  2. you can add to that - no toilet facilities, no refrigerators, no drinking water, no emergency ZAKA to save heart attack victims, and no one to thwart off the roaming gangs in search of food. The interview on The Tamar Yonah Show gave only 1 iota of how to prepare for such a tragedy. However, one can google ‘preppers’ and such to read more on the subject.