08 October 2017

WAR AT SUKKOT! (Part 5 - Schindler's Jews)

19 Tishrei 5778
4th Day Chol Hamoed Sukkot

Part 4

It is our fellow Jews who have opened the gates to the enemy and now sit and "feast" with them while the rest of us sit and mourn their betrayal.

CJCUC is Shlomo Riskin's brainchild...

This event already took place day before yesterday, but it's important you know what is going on and who is involved. This is only the second or third time they've had it. These Jews who want to play shadchan between Jews and Christians keep coming up with new events to have on an "annual basis" so that every single day of the holiday - the entire holiday of Sukkot - will be turned from a celebration between HKB"H and His holy nation into some warped and twisted celebration of universal brotherhood, God forbid!!

I've written about Rosemary Schindler before right here. It's very worthwhile to go back and read it again. She gets a lot of mileage out of that name in Jewish circles, as you can well imagine - a "relative" of Oskar Schindler who is famous for saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust. But, I want you to know how she is related and then you will have some idea of the lowness of these people who are trying to attach to us. There is simply no depth to which they will not sink - to make cynical use of this man's name and memory for the purpose of misleading Jews towards a spiritual death.
Rosemary’s first husband, Walter Schindler, from whom she was divorced, was part of the same family from western Czechoslovakia (known to Germans as Sudetenland) to which Oskar Schindler belonged. Walter’s grandfather, a minor Nazi official, was Oskar Schindler’s second cousin. Unlike Oskar, Walter’s grandfather did not have a change of heart, going along with Adolf Hitler until the end.  (Source)
Her ex-husband's grandfather was Oskar Schindler's second cousin. She has been divorced from this family for more than fourteen years and she has remarried! Yet, she continues to use the name because it opens the door to Israeli Prime Ministers and Knesset Members and US Congressmen, etc. This is how Christians operate among Jews - through deviousness and deception.

Her Skyline Church gained a "Messianic Jewish Rabbi" named Joel Liberman who is "dedicated to evangelizing the Jewish people" when - true to the One New Man vision - Skyline Church and Tree of Life Messianic Congregation merged into one entity. (Source)

There are close ties between Hayovel and Schindler-Garlow. They regularly host her church tour groups in Har Brachah.

They were also together in Washington, DC for the inauguration of President Trump (along with Yehudah Glick). And their growing influence does not end there.

This is an invasion. It is an attempted takeover. And it goes right to the top!

Rosemary Schindler and Hayovel have something else in common. They all think they are going to settle here in our Holy Land and establish their avodah zarah here for keeps. But, I've got news for all of them. It ain't ever gonna happen! They can forget about taking refuge here. Like all the rest of the gentile impurity, the Almighty will remove them.

This is part of the War of Gog uMagog at Sukkot! Are you aware? Do you care? Pray for our deliverance! And stay far away from them!!

Part 6


  1. Let's all be honest here that we must realize that, of course, the PM and all those wonderful friendly knesset members who photograph with these deceivers definitely know what's going on and that's what should be bothering every Jew in EY and, of course, Jews who care, worldwide. They have allowed this to happen and if they don't do something about it, then their lot will be the same as these infiltrators. Trouble is that so many Jews in Israel have no idea (religious & non-re;igious) what's going on right under their noses. H' yerachem!

    1. Anonymous you are right I live in Israel and if it wouldn't be for Tomer Devorah I would not know what is going on, I live in my world with my community serving HaSHem the best way I can (keeping Shabbat Mitzvoth) and more and more young people become Baal Teshuva and that is how we will defeat these fakers. HaShem does everything for the good this is the test if you are with Him or against him, may all true Jewish neshamot wake up to be on the side of HaShem because He will destroy all the fakers, I have no fear may it be soon...

    2. It is always business as usual with most Jews most especially in america and this is the problem but the evil world and exile is all ending now.
      And how could they notice when they are living a wild and materialistic life?

    3. I don't know if you noticed but within all this confusion and fakers their is also a big awakening we are tilting more and more toward the spiritual world, a lot of more Jews will wake up, for some it will be a painful process and unfortunately for some they will stay in their slumber..
      This is what the Lubavitcher Rebbe said..Healing the world
      It fallows that the way to hasten the Messianic era is by taking care to refine even the lowest aspects of our material lives, infusing them with as much spirituality as we can. By living "messianic" lives in this way, we are doing our part to nullify the exile.

  2. The extent to which Ms. Schindler-Garlow will go has no bounds. I have one Jewish friend (and I'm sure she's not the only one...) who because of her help, my friend was able to make aliyah. How many others are taking Xian help to do what we should (be able to) do on our own?

    In any case, I'd like to remind such people that they DO NOT OWE it to her or anyone else to convert to Xianity, or even believe in Yoshke while outwardly observing Judaism.