"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

22 October 2017

A Closer Look - (Part 1 of 2)

2 Marcheshvan 5778

At the book launch last Sunday for Rivkah Adler's "Ten From the Nations," she introduced two Christian contributors - Kimberly Rogers-Brown and Dean Bye.

It's worth taking a closer look at these two "Torah-returnees from among the nations."

Who is this "rebbetzin" standing in front of the ark in a Jerusalem synagogue eager to speak to Jews? It's Kimberly Rogers-Brown, a self-proclaimed Ephraimite, contributor to Rivkah Adler's book and a featured speaker at the book launch last Sunday. 

Here is how she characterizes the book on her facebook page...

Yes, and this is the most dangerous time ever for Jews as the lines have become so blurred that many Jews no longer recognize who is the enemy and who is the true brother. But like I've said before these are the same old Christians no matter how they dress or what they claim about being "lost-tribes."

In Kimberly's own words from a "teaching" she gave to other Ephraimite-Christians...
G~d is calling His lost sheep, the physical House of Israel, to Him in these last days for the purpose of acknowledging who they truly are to create an unbreakable alliance with the House of Judah, the Jews. We all know that accepting Yeshua as our personal savior makes us a Child of G~d and a spiritual descendant of Abraham,....
The House of Israel was scattered for their disobedience to the Torah. Now, we must return to it.... 
Pay close attention to the next part where she defines "Torah" for Christians...
...To return to our Hebrew roots means to return to obedience to The Torah. Obedience to The Torah is the real end-times battle line.

The total difference between G~d's children and the children of Satan is our obedience to the Torah, the Word Made Flesh. Understand that Yeshua IS the Torah. The Torah is His Word and He was made flesh. Yeshua fulfilled the Torah and is our Messiah, but Christians denied and disobeyed The Torah just as The House of Israel did. Now, we are being gathered back. Part of this ingathering is in our return to obedience of the Torah.

...G~d expects His Hebrew children to keep the Torah, accept Yeshua as Savior and Messiah AND understand their physical roots. This can only happen when the lost House of Israel regains knowledge of her physical ancestry and the Jews accept Yeshua as Savior and Messiah. The two go hand in hand - especially during The End Times.
This is one of the chosen representatives for the people Rivkah's book is all about! This is a woman on a mission who inspired another woman to take on a mission. 

I want desperately to believe that Rivkah Adler just does not really understand the true nature of what she is involved with or how dangerous her "mission" is to Klal Yisrael. If you read enough of the Christian treif Torah that Rogers-Brown is teaching, you can actually hear and feel the latent antisemitism just below the surface. Take this recent diatribe written by Kimberly to a Jew commenting to Ephraimites on Tommy Waller's facebook page...

Ridiculous, I know. None of the Israelites in the Northern Kingdom had yet been exiled when Yonah was sent to Ninveh. In fact, one commentator in the Artscroll Yom Kippur Machzor gives the opinion that one of the reasons Yonah was sent to Ninveh was because unless they would repent their evil ways, they would not be worthy to be used by God as the rod of His correction against the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Yonah knew prophetically that they were destined to exile the Northern Kingdom and he wanted no part of it. But, if you are a Christian, you never let the facts get in the way of your theology. They just make this stuff up in their heads and then tell it for the gospel truth.

However, don't suppose that their "Jewish brothers" will set them straight. Gidon Ariel, who was also one of "the four" invited to speak at the book launch and who is listed on the Amazon Books site as a co-author, responded this way to a seeker on his own website...



  1. Amen, Moshe! And despite reports to the contrary, yours is the first comment I've received here.

  2. The correct response, in my opinion, is to let all those flocking to Torah that they cannot be held to be serious unless they totally renounce Christianity. It's that simple. A few of the contributors to the book are b'nei Noach and two (so far as I haven't finished the book yet) are in process of conversion k'halacha. The others, despite serious t'shuva and apologies, are still clinging to Christianity. If they are looking to the Jews for education and guidance, our only response must be, "fine, but you cannot embark on this and be Christian." Also, they've not been told that as non-Jews, they must not keep Shabbat.

    1. "Flocking to Torah"? Have you paid any attention at all. They say Yeshu is their Torah, so they are submitting themselves to him and NOT to our Torah and mesorah. They speak an entirely different language from us. If you have not yet understood that this is not a "phenomenon" on the part of these Xians, but a tactic, then I'm wasting my time here. The legitimate bits are few and only serve as the sugar coating to get the Xian and New Testament parts to go down easier. Why don't you see that???

    2. Furthermore, mselbit, I have no interest whatever in your opinion. This is not a matter of opinion. It is a matter of Jewish Law and obeying God's law to the letter.

  3. It amazing that these people think we are not intelligent and wise enough to pick up on their nuances and different variations. Quite arrogant on their part. Just because they fooled a few Jews who are more interested in the public spotlight, free labour, speaking trips and financial gains does not mean this is the norm for most Jews. From standard xtianity to messyanism to nazerene to this "ephramite" hogwash, Esav is still Esav, May they leave us Jews and Israel alone and rot by themselves.

  4. Yasher koach, Devash. People read but have a mindset that doesn't let them understand. We, Jews must keep away from having anything, anything to do with dialoging with 'religions' of any kind. They should have never been allowed to enter the Land, knowing full well of their deceptive intentions.

  5. Kimberly claims she sent comments to this blog post refuting any claims that she previously made that Jews were required to accept Yeshu, but so far, I have not received any comments from her. To date, all comments received have been published.

    She posted a "retraction" on her facebook page which says in part "I no longer believe that the Jews need to accept Yeshua the same way I do." Wouldn't it have been enough to simply say "I no longer believe that the Jews need to accept Yeshua." What is this "the same way I do." So, in SOME way then, but not in the exact same way that she does.

    Then, she proceeds: "I have taken heat from all sides regarding this change in my understanding of who Yeshua is, who He pertains to and everything else. He is God's Son, and God in the flesh, to me.

    She still doesn't get it. It's this "God in the flesh" bit that makes her an idolater and brings all the Torah's laws against idolatry and the Jew's relationship to it into effect.

    And, she (and all her kind) should be assured that there is no place in the Jew's life for ANY kind of relationship to Yeshu - not now, not nohow, not ever. Ain't gonna happen!!