25 October 2017


5 Marcheshvan 5778

I don't want to belabor this issue, but I can tell from a couple of emails that I received that it may need further clarification. For those unfamiliar with the teachings of Katz and Clorfene and who are reticent to accept the letter of the opposing rabbis at face value, an example of what is wrong with what I call the "Gospel of the Ger" is required.

I'm not the only one who sees common threads between this cult and one that preceded it by two thousand years. A righteous non-Jew coined the term Katzianity to describe "Ger Torah" (Katz's term). It started out with a Torah concept, but in order to appeal more and more to the masses and to gain a following, it went further and further afield from accepted Torah and halachah

Unfortunately, to many minds, opposition is primarily what gives it legitimacy. Today, Katz is being portrayed as a Trump-like figure, outside the mainstream and under siege by the "liberals" who persecute what they can't control. 
John Jack Pring: "This struggle is so similar to the liberals doing everything to discredit Trump with hate an (sic) lies. They are doing everything to bring Rabbi Katz and Chiam (sic) down with untruth. to destroy us Ger."
Chaim Clorfene: "There is an amazing similarity between the corruption of the men against Ger and the corruption of much of the governmental officials in the U.S. When the lower gates open, the upper gates also open. When the lower corruption becomes perceived, the higher corruption is also perceived. The number one priority of the rabbinic establishment has always (sic) to stay in power and rule, with little or no mandate from the Torah. Many of them are masters of deception."
I hope the following clip will put doubts to rest - doubts regarding the accuracy of the charges brought against Katz and Clorfene. All I can say is, anyone who is not satisfied that they are deserving of condemnation after hearing this is not interested in the truth at all, but serves some other agenda.


  1. What's the matter with this guy?... Something is really screwy; no Kedushah, ZERO!

    1. Bs"d

      “Let us sanctify Your name in the world, just as the they sanctify it in the heavens on high, as it is written by the hands of your prophets.”

      Am Israel.
      By being holy.
      Pure golden kemah chita bli klipot. To become the CHALLOT.
      Say Sh'ma when you wake up and if you wake up be thankful for a new chance to do mitzvot in holiness.
      By being holy we let see the world the Light of our Ha Torah.
      Why we are here?
      To be holy and be happy about it.
      What said Mashiah to Maran Ovadia Yosef?
      All Jews will greet him.
      No gentiles around when it happens.

    2. What a wonderful day that will be! Unlike today.

      Yeshki worshipers with Jews in Jerusalem at Sukkot

  2. Dear Tomer Devorah, I do not follow the logic of these rabbis. Chodesh Tov from the Land of Israel, City of God/Jerusalem, Hill of the Priests/Givat Chananiya (Abu Tor), Aryeh Yosef Ben Meir

  3. Mifletzet, I cannot post your comment. The person you refer to is just as bad, but at the other extreme. This is not about personalities. It's about right and wrong.

  4. Reading some of the posts on various sites from these Katzians.... they appear to HATE the Jews. They backstab us, criticize, mock, and then look for permission on the internet to do so [from Chabad and other sites...] ''if it was appropriate for an akum to reprimand a Jew publically...'' - so as you can see it has become another form of Jew bashing. I think it is disgraceful and horrific. Concerned Reader

  5. I think it was obvious from the start after hearing them, that they were not kosher rabbis. Erev Rav!

    1. But they claim that all who oppose them are Erev Rav.

  6. Devash, they're so clever, these erev rav amaleikim, that they immediately put the accuser's truth on the accuser, thinking that will confuse everyone and then the uninformed non-Torah Jew will believe the non-rabbi Katz as being the real rabbi telling the truth. Manipulation and conning is the name of their game.