05 October 2017

Round and Round He Goes...

16 Tishrei 5778
First Day Chol Hamoed Sukkot
Moadim l'simchah!

...and where he stops only Hashem knows. For thus does the Creator occupy the world leader who insists on interfering in matters concerning His Land and His People.

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  1. Better not to help any of these horrid places and let them rot and die for all the bad things and idols they worship. Why even care for such terrible places and terrible people? It is shocking how the Jews actually live and vacation and adventure in all these terrible places and put their Judaism and spiritually in danger and educate the youth in this tragic abomination. They should all come to israel, clean themselves up from all this listed filth and seclude themselves and more than anything the youth from this kind of tragic lifestyle and sights and places that has nearly brought Judaism to extinction.
    The president is better off sitting aside and saving his money and playing golf in any of his greedy spoiled barbie homes and resorts.