31 October 2017

Top Off Your Supplies

11 Marcheshvan 5778

If you have dipped into your "war chest," make sure you replenish your supplies - the sooner the better.

Along with the ongoing siren tests, military drills and mock call-up of reserves, these reports may be warnings.
Is Israel Preparing to Strike Hezbollah?
Palestinian Jihad and Hamas lose 11 men in IDF terror tunnel blast which also sent a political message
Of particular note, in light of yesterday's blog post, is the following:
An entire legion of Trump Administration envoys has been crisscrossing the Middle East these days on various errands. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner left Riyadh Saturday after a visit in which he was accompanied by deputy national security adviser Dina Powell and special peace envoy Jason Greenblatt, who stayed on and arrived in Jerusalem Monday, Oct. 29 to brief Netanyahu on the talks the US envoys held in Riyadh as well as Cairo. Another American visitor to the Saudi capital was Treasury Secretary Seven Mnuchin. He landed in Jerusalem a day before Greenblatt and he too met Netanyahu.
Neither American nor Israeli officials are prepared to reveal the subjects of the US diplomatic shuttle. However, DEBKAfile’s sources have learned that Israel was asked not just to express public approval of the reconciliation process underway between the rival Palestinian factions under Egyptian auspices, but to embark on practical steps to this end.
And today...
Storm on Sandy anniversary leaves 600K in dark across Northeast
Trees Topple, Streets Flood, Thousands Left in the Dark After Powerful Storm Unleashes Fury on Tri-State
It always pays to be prepared.