29 October 2017

Placing a Stumbling Block Before the Blind

9 Marcheshvan 5778

I have a message for all the Jews who claim to be building bridges between Jews and Christians for the purpose of teaching Torah to the world...

You can't teach people to respect Torah law when you are yourself in violation of it.

"Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz: 'Church is exactly where I need to be praying tonight.' "

They set aside the law and justify their actions with subjective opinions and emotional appeals.


  1. He certainly does NOT sound like a Jewish Rabbi... but a christian “rabbi”

  2. This yanklowitz guy is a rabbbi(?, ha,ha) in the radical twisted Open Orthodoxy movement. These are the true erev rav. Only those who will do teshuva amongst them will prove they're not erev rav. Doubt that will happen.