10 October 2017

WAR ON SUKKOT! (Part 7 - The Goal)

21 Tishrei 5778
Hoshannah Rabbah

Part 6
"The argument of the nations...is that we must achieve unity and break down the walls of separation. Is this not fair and logical according to the false thinking of the worshipers of foreign culture? Is not the unity of all nations and the disappearance of the differences between Israel and the nations the goal of the Hellenists...."
"G-d decreed upon holy Israel that they must be separated from impurity and from the impure nations. The idolatry and foreign culture of the nations cannot coexist with G-d's Torah or with G-d himself."
 ~ Rabbi Kahane z"l, Or HaRa'ayon
From a commenter on Tommy Waller's facebook page...

Sifri comments (Ha’azinu, 322): When Israel have troubles, the nations treat them like strangers and act as if they are unaware of their existence. ...But when things go well for Israel, the nations lie to them and make themselves out to be their brothers.
The following midrash typifies the personalization of Rome and the West as Esau while not sparing his hypocrisy.
In the future Esau will wrap himself in a tallis, sit down next to Yakov and say to him, "You are my brother"....Yakov will say to him, "My brother, you will not be like me. "I will lead you to death, I will be the pestilence that leads you to Sheol (Hoshea 13,14).... (Yalkut Shimoni, Yirmiahu 333)
"That was Esau's intention when he told Yakov, "Let us travel together and I will go before you (Genesis 33,12). He wanted them to join together in both this world and the world to come, to meet each other halfway, with each modifying his conduct until they were alike (Yalkut Shimoni, Genesis 133).
Indeed, Esau will even adopt certain tenets of Judaism - such as monotheism, the Divinity of the Torah, and reward and punishment - but only if Israel will give up some of its heritage.
Similarly, according to Tanna D'Bei Eliahu Zuta(19), Esau proposed. "Give up some of the mitzvos that divide us. You will thereby enjoy this world and still have half the world to come. Isn't that enough? (Bais Halevy, Vayishlach).
How did they know?!

Praying we all come through this war with our faith intact and wishing all Am Yisrael a wonderful, joyous and uplifting Shmini Atzeret free of evil influences.

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