20 October 2017

Noah: In One Word - Faith

30 Tishrei 5778
Rosh Chodesh Aleph
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Noah

The one word that pops into my mind when I think of Noah is "faith." I don't think there is any possible way for us to understand what kind of unshakable, immovable faith it took for Noah to brave the doubts, scorn and criticism of his generation to spend 120 years building an ark to survive a global extinction level event (ELE) that only he saw coming.

I suppose one could say Noah's talk of a Great Flood to wipe out all living things on earth could be compared to the talk we hear today about Nibiru. And those predictions are not even as dire as what Noah warned about. However, I wonder if the population then had to also contend with an organized public disinformation campaign like we have today.

Any time there is warning of doom, people are skeptical and rightly so. We have to consider the source. There are a lot of crazy people out there who are just spouting nonsense. But, at some point, there will be evidence to point to if it's true.

In our case, there is mounting evidence that is becoming more and more impossible to ignore that something very strange, unusual and maybe even unprecedented is happening to our planet. These are the very words we are reading every day in the news reports as well as descriptors like "apocalyptic" and "Biblical."

I wonder... Has there ever been a time in our history when Parashat Noah was more apt than it is today, this year? Especially since Rosh Chodesh Elul when the sun darkened across Edom?

It is something to think seriously about as we enter the new month Cheshvan - the month in which global judgment came to the earth in time past.


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  1. Also tieing to this weeks affair (parsha) is the superstorm Brian which will pass Ireland and many parts of the united kingdom on shabbat and it will be more powerful than former storm ophelia...
    It will destroy more power, heave more trees, and it will flood many shores.
    How this ties with Noah and is happening in edom plus the forces of nature have been attacking earth lately

  2. I don't what it means, but a japanese un-manned spaceship discovered a tunnel 100m diameter and so far explored 50 kilometer deep into the moon. They don't know what it is. But it fits in the prophecy, that sth. with the moon will change in the end of days... somehow the moon comes into focus.

  3. Mar means bitter. Why is Cheshvan referred to as a bitter month?

    One answer is that this month has no Yomim Tovim in it.

    Secondly, the Nachalas Shivah (siman 4) says that the month of Cheshvan is based on an expression of respect reserved for a person of position, a sovereign of sorts. This is because Cheshvan initiates the series of months that follow Tishrei, which is the month of renewed Hashem's rule and celebrated the fall festivals, so Cheshvan earns the respectful title "Mar".

    What exactly happened in Marcheshvan?

    In the month of Cheshvan, the most painful decrees were declared because during that month the rebellion against the Royal House of King David took place, when Yerovam assumed the reign over the ten breakaway tribes. Since then, all such decrees occurred during that month of Cheshvan (Bnei Yissacher, Cheshvan II, ‘Yatza’).

    In addition, all decrees against our people from the various regimes, as well as the giving of taxes and levies, all began in Cheshvan. The reason is that it was in this month that there was a rebellion against the royal House of David. They crowned Yeravam’s (see Melachim II 17:21) and Yeravam fabricated a Festival in the eighth month [i.e. Cheshvan]; therefore, the regime’s decrees emerges in Cheshvan.

    The Yalkut Shimoni says that Mesushelach, who was a perfect tzaddik, died on 11 Cheshvan, one week before the flood began (Bereishis 56:1 “כי לימים”). Benyamin was born on 11 Cheshvan and died 115 years later (Yalkut Shimoni,Shemos 162:9 “ויהי כל נפש”).

    On a positive note:
    In the future, when Moshiach from the House of David will rule, the Beis Hamikdash will be consecrated in Cheshvan. In this way, the sin of the Jewish people who abandoned the House of David in Yeravam's time will be rectified (Bnei Yissachar, Chodesh Marcheshvan 1:2)

    The Third Beis HaMikdosh will initiated in Cheshvan as written in Yalkut Shimoni, “HaKadosh Baruch Hu will pay back in MarCheshvan [for not having inaugurated the Mishkan in that month]” (Melachim I 6:184 “הוא ההיכל לפני שכל הפונים פונים בו”).

    The Bnei Yissacher explains:
    “... In the future era of redemption, we will crown Moshiach, the king from the House of David. The House [i.e., Beis Hamikdash] will be inaugurated during MarCheshvan and the world will be repaired.”

    In conclusion, during the month of Cheshvan, the emphasis of Israel’s avodah shifts to bein adam l’chaveiro - the mitzvos of interacting with other human beings (The Wisdom In The Hebrew Months by Zvi Ryzman, pages 219 - 226).

    With Hashem’s help, in the merit of working on perfecting our bein adam l'chaveiro, may we merit to see the Beis HaMikdosh descending from heaven this month!