16 October 2017

"Destroy the Evil from Your Midst"

26 Tishrei 5778

Right now, Democracy protects the missionary predator's "right" to prey upon his unsuspecting victims, but the Torah commands us to "destroy the evil from your midst" specifically with regard to enticing Jews in Eretz Yisrael to follow another god.
Devarim 17.2-7...
If there will be found among you, in one of your cities which Hashem, your God gives you, a man or woman who commits what is  evil in the eyes of Hashem, your God, to violate His covenant, and he will go and serve gods of others and prostrate himself to them, or to the sun, or to the moon, or to any host of the heaven, which I have not commanded; and it will be told to you, and you will hear; then you shall investigate well, and behold! it is true, the testimony is correct - this abomination was done in Israel - then you shall bring out that man or that woman who has committed this evil thing to your cities - the man or the woman - and you shall pelt them with stones, so that they will die. By the testimony of two witnesses, or three witnesses, shall the condemned person be put to death; he shall not be put to death by the testimony of a single witness. The hand of the witnesses shall be upon him first to put him to death, and the hand of the entire people afterward, and you shall destroy the evil from your midst.

Criminal Missionary Predator (20 Sep 2017)

Who will deliver us from this missionary scourge?!

Right now, is the time to get your head and heart set straight, because a deliverer will surely come and those faithful to God and to His covenant will be required like the Leviim at the time of the Golden Calf, to execute God's judgment. Get your thinking straight on this issue. Bring your thoughts and emotions into submission to the demands of your Master and King because the time will surely come - and it is not far off - when we will be called upon to prove our loyalty to HKB"H's Torah.

"And saviors will ascend Mount Zion to judge the Mountain of Esau, and the kingdom will be Hashem's." (The final pasuk of Prophet Ovadiah)