22 October 2017

A Closer Look - (Part 2 of 2)

3 Marcheshvan 5778

(See Part 1)

At the book launch last Sunday (15 Oct 2017) for Rivkah Adler's "Ten From the Nations," she introduced two Christian contributors - Kimberly Rogers-Brown and Dean Bye.

Who is Dean Bye? In her introduction, Rivkah Adler calls him a Christian Zionist and says that he "oversees an extraordinary project here in Israel called Beit Zerah."

Once again, despite the allusion in this book to "ten from the nations" (Zechariah 8:23) who are seeking truth from the Jews, having been enlightened to the fact that the religion they had been following was false, the non-Jew chosen to speak is a proud idolater still.

He is the Director of Return Ministries and the Aliyah Return Center (ARC) also known as Beit Zerah.

The Aliyah Return Center (ARC) - a branch of Return Ministries.  "The ARC is focused on building bridges between Jewish and Christian Communities."

Paul Wilbur, "renowned US Messianic Jewish worship leader," has this account to give of Dean Bye:
Several months ago I received a call from my friend Dean Bye, formerly the Canadian director of Christians for Israel. ...along comes Dean Bye with a project he has undertaken to help believers acquire a beautiful parcel of fourteen acres in the Galilee that will become a national meeting place for the Messianic youth as well as a welcome center for new olim (immigrants).

...As the vision began to take shape, two more ministries joined forces to launch and execute the vision; CMJ, Churches Mission to the Jews, and Tikkun, a Messianic ministry based in Jerusalem I am closely affiliated with as an international board member. So, when my friend Dean called and asked me to participate I immediately said ‘yes’....

Chaim Malespin (Dean Bye's "Jewish" son-in-law): "I believe that the disciples that are coming now will gain greater understanding of THE ONE NEW MAN...."

Dean Bye's Beit Zerah has gone Tommy Waller's HaYovel one better. Not only have they also established themselves a permanent base in our land where they are bringing idolaters to worship Yeshu and volunteer in Jewish venues, but they have partnered with the Jewish Agency to bring Olim to live in their place in the Galil where they will be in daily contact with Christians, fulfilling the Christian New Testament vision of The One New Man - Jew and Gentile as one, God forbid!

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Some of the first new Israelis are calling the ARC their “first home in the land.” Almost daily, Christians from nations are visiting, some even staying on-site, while they serve in the work of return and restoration of Israel. 
Jewish Israel: "Canadian missionary and "Christian Zionist friend" Dean Bye, of Return Ministries, uses the new testament mission “to provoke the Jews to jealousy” (Romans 11:11) to fuel his aliyah program and missionary agenda.

Does Rivkah Adler REALLY know what she is dealing with and who these people are and the danger they pose to Klal Yisrael??? Would she REALLY let this slime Dean Bye touch her if she did???

We can only hope and pray that the answer to both is "no." But, what is it going to take to clue her in to the fact that what she has done and is continuing to do is in direct conflict with Jewish law???  See here.


  1. Absolutely true, Inon, on every point. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Devorah please contact Harav Yitzchak Ginsberg of inner.org he lives in israel i can not do this from boro park and i am quite sure he would do something about this

  3. Where in the Galil is this center? There are a lot of Messianics here and of course Christians esp bec of our Kineret, and we see many missionaries but I never heard of a physical center.