07 July 2015

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

20 Tamuz 5775

The World of Lies

I was thinking about fantasies and diversions and trying to figure out where it all started. The first books printed were certainly not fiction. But, then I thought back to Shakespeare's plays and before that was the Greek theater. Without actually looking up the history, I think it's safe to say that man's penchant for taking mental and emotional refuge in the world of lies goes way back.

But, today, we've reached a pinnacle. The world of lies has been perfected through fictional novels to movies to computer games to virtual reality until one can hardly distinguish any longer between Fact and Fiction, Truth and Lie. Given that, this story has to be the icing on the cake. The Erev Rav have raised unreality to a new low.

Exclusive: The real reason Britain voted against Israel at the UN

Britain voted in favour of a UN resolution based on a report that condemned Israel’s actions in last summer’s Gaza war and accused it of war crimes – at the request of Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli prime minister’s office rang David Cameron on Friday morning asking him to change his plan to support Israel’s public stance on the resolution because it represented a considerably watered-down version of an earlier one, the JC understands.

Mr Cameron’s initial reaction was that it would be “pure madness”, particularly as he had made several statements voicing support for Israel recently.

But the Israelis feared that, had the watered down resolution been overturned, the original resolution on the report by the Gaza Conflict Commission of Inquiry would have been revived.

As a result, the resolution was supported by 41 of the 47 members of the UN Human Rights Council, including Germany, France and the Netherlands. Only the US voted against it.


  1. Heaven forbid we defend ourselves against missile attacks.

  2. I see this as pure politics, as convoluted as ever.

  3. The world has gone mad. (It must be the End of Days) where the truth is seen as lies and lies are seen(and believed) as truth.

  4. Foolish move by our prime minister. He got drawn into all the intrigue. It's hard to keep the brain straight when dealing with these people.

  5. You mention Shakespeare as a possible start to fantasy and diversion. There is strong proof that Shakespeare was really a front, and the work was from Francis Bacon, one of the Architects of the New World Order. The concept was to promote their ideologies through the arts in a veiled way. Exactly as is happening today through Hollywood and the media......

    The Truth

  6. This is incredible if true. It is so incredible that he, Bibi, apparently thinks that he is a Melekh that he can get away with this if it is true. Is there secondary confirmation for this besides in the Jewish Chronicle on line? It definitely makes him into a faithless sleaze. Actually we knew this about him already from the Gaza War itself and how he appealed every other day for ceasefires in order to ameliorate negative "World Public Opinion". I don't think he likes doing this though, and unlike Livni, he does not bathe in the limelight while getting the world to love us. (In her case it is getting the world to love her and other Leftcoastians who express hatred for settlers.) Not all faithless sleaze is from the Erev rav, though. Bibi does not hate settlers at all. He views us like pawns moving entire unauthorized yishuvim from the top of the hill to the bottom of the same hill in order to appease the courts. Migron still exists, but in more "permanent" quarters at the bottom of the same hill next to Tachanat Delek and Wadi Yehonatan (named after Sha'ul's son who used this wadi in a famous military campaign in Shmuel Aleph 14.) One thing for sure, if this is true, the sleaze emanates from every pore of his body now. I guess this is the cost of being the longest serving Prime Minister in Israel's history after David Ben Gurion. In order to catch up to PM David, he will have to display more sleaze than we have become accustomed to.

    1. Wel, as the article indicates, this was an "exclusive" for the Jewish Chronicle so all other reports are just a re-telling of what they printed. According to the article itself...

      Israeli officials... "Israel asked members of the council to ensure that the proposed draft would not be made even worse”.

      Sounds like confirmation to me.