30 July 2015

Jerusalem - The International(ized) City

14 Menachem Av 5775

And destined to be the New World Order Capital of the World??? As the old saying goes: "Man plans and God laughs."

As we have already been informed, some of these people are the gilgulim of the Dor Haflagah - the ones who built the Tower of Bavel - and it appears that they still like building towers...

And, of course, to seal their connection to Egypt and the West, it must look like a pyramid and be named "Freedom" - ironic since both Egypt and Rome were famous for enslaving people.

According to the Jerusalem Construction News blog, this is supposed to be part of the luxury business complex being built at the entrance to Jerusalem (not far from the Knesset) - the area where Jewish sources already informed us was the place where the Erev Rav concentrate their power.

This construction will include...

"...200 luxury apartments, a boutique hotel, rooftop restaurant, retail stores, an outdoor public plaza and lookout points.

The half-stone, half-glass 105-meter (345-foot) structure will feature Jewish motifs throughout such as Stars of David that will be embedded throughout the building’s exterior."

As has been pointed out by many others, Jews trying to live in our holy city cannot afford to buy these places. Binyamin Golden says it is for the use of those that the Vatican is bringing with it when it moves here. More and more, Jerusalem is being turned into a kind of living museum for the ease and comfort and attraction of the tourism industry and less and less hospitable or within the economic reach of resident Israelis.

And let's not forget that this area also hosts that monument to western culture and the Judeo-Xian-Islamic New World Religion - Cinema City.

While across the city, another movie complex is getting set to open and be operational on Shabbat, for the sake of the gentiles and Jews who mechalel Shabbat.

...The new complex includes 16 movie theaters (I MAX) situated on 28,500 square meters. There is an underground parking lot with 400 parking spaces. Operators boast a pub will be opening offering 55 different beers on tap, along with many restaurants and eateries.  (Source)

Jerusalem is being turned from the city loved by the prophets to a city that loves its profits.


  1. Rabbis making a call to come home to this??????????????

    signed thinking twice

    1. Yes! This is coming straight out of the cesspool that you currently call "home". But, this land is still the most kadosh in all the world overseen by HKB"H Himself Who is sending Mashiach to clean up this oozing sore. I guess you know who is the Ministering Angel of America. It's old Uncle Sam - Sam-kel - the Angel of Death.

  2. I love your closing line!

    Sarah G K

  3. "thinking twice" about what? Coming home to Eretz Yisrael? [assuming the commenter above is a Jew]
    Nah, go ahead, think twice, three times, a hundred times -- if it's not a kadosh enough atmosphere here for you, just wait out there in your lovely, comfortable galut while we here have to try our best to make things right. Why should you have to bother joining us in the effort? /sarc [in case you couldn't tell]

  4. Twice in one post ........ prophets/profits and uncle sam/sam.... Terrific.
    About that new bldg, to me it looks like an obelisk type of construction, and avoda zara, just like the washington monument. I hate all these giant bldgs going up, and its all the mayor's doing, as well as that abomination of a parade held today.

  5. I just want to cry when I see this... But, yes, this is our home,Thinking Twice. For better or worse, I love every stone here and every ounce of dirt and even though it hurts to see the matziv, I choose to invest all my energy, my everything here, and raise my family here in the Jewish homeland!

    1. I agree with you Leah! I can't wait - begging every day to get there so I can grow my veggies from the good dirt of the land we that HaShem for in our bentching.

  6. At times I cannot breath and feel like crying what is going on in our holy land, the only thing that keeps me going is Emuna in HaShem. I do hope Moshiach is coming soon and cleans up this mess, I don't know how long this can go on. B"H my kids and grandchildren are all here in Israel. There is no better place then here even with all the problems, we will endure... Shabbat Shalom

  7. Jewgirl, the most important message we can take from the announcement of Jonathan Pollard's release this fall is that THIS FALL is the "b'ita" time of the geulah. Notice that although there were many opportunities for an "achisheinah" - earlier - release, it just didn't happen. Now he is coming out "b'ita" - in its time - the pre-ordained time for the completion of his sentence. I've always believed that Pollard's situation stood as a huge sign for world Jewry. There are many lessons to be learned from it.

    And mark my words, he will come home to Eretz Yisrael when he is released. Hashem will see to that. Their time will be up and they will no longer have the power to hold him there.

    Now, this thought just occurs to me. The prophet Yeshayahu says that even with redemption in its time will have an aspect of haste - "In its time I will hasten it". In many reports, it was stated that Pollard might still get out within weeks, indicating a chance that he'll still get out a bit before November 20th. Yosef HaTzadik was rushed from prison on Rosh Hashanah. What if the same happens to Pollard?

    In any case, when Jonathan Pollard leaves, expect the doors to shut behind him.

    (From us updates comment) All The Exit Doors Are Closing

    Shabbat shalom umevorach!

  8. Interesting how the 'pub' has become a holy of holies to those embracing western culture. In England, the seat of pub culture, pubs are closing every week, everywhere, so it's becoming harder to find a pub offering even 1 type of beer.
    These fools will eventually see how out-of-time they were.

  9. They should call it Pharaoh's Tower!!