15 July 2015

Binyamin: "Signs of Redemption"

28 Tamuz 5775


Communication with Binyamin Golden
Jerusalem, 14 Tamuz 5775

Questions and Answers

Signs of Redemption

Q. The economic crisis in Greece, what is the significance for us, is it related to the processes of the End of Days?

A. What's happening in Europe - there's a connection to us in it. Edom is beginning to fall there. 'Edom' actually got started in Eretz Cana'an with Eisav and his sons, but currently, Europe is 'Edom', really. And the fall of Greece is the fall of Edom! The Romans came from Greece, and all the Roman culture was founded on Greek culture, really. And also at the time of the Second Temple, we started the war of Judaism against the Greeks, and afterwards, during this time, it turned into a war against the Romans who ruled in Eretz Yisrael until the churban.

[The other countries having the greatest troubles are Italy, Spain and Portugal - the land of the Romans and the lands of the Inquisition.]

Q. So, it's a good sign what's happening...

A. Of course it's a good sign, and what's happening in Syria, isn't that a good sign? It's a huge sign! And the difficult disturbances in Egypt-against-Egyptians - it's also a huge sign. Wonderful.

Q. What can be said in relation to all the signs, the hints of 5775...

A. We won't talk about it, because only HKB"H knows the date, but it's all written, and many things were written which won't go out, because we weren't fit for it, but now it simply has to be the end, because this world is going to be destroyed, and only HKB"H can destroy His world, but not everything will be destroyed, but a large part.

Q. Many disasters are occurring recently, especially with the Chareidim.

A. There are disasters and disasters, not just with the Chareidim, but also with the gentiles. But we feel it more strongly because we're not such a large people. It's clear that when there's a tsunami in a place like Nepal, and thousands and thousands of people were killed - it's a disaster.

Q. Today, the eve of Seventeenth b'Tamuz, the yahrtzeit of the Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh, will we soon get to see him, Rabi Chaim ben Atar, ztz"l, alive after the resurrection?

A. Right, right. I hope so. I hope that everyone will get to. What is clear is that it can't take a lot of time, it's already finished - this world. I will only tell you that the end won't take much time.

Q. What do you mean 'the end', the war?

A. A war that will be bigger than what we are feeling here, the world war. And also, 'Gog uMagog' won't take much time.

Q. Will we feel the 'bein hametzarim' strongly this year?

A. We've been feeling it already for a few years, but those who are close to Hashem - will suffer less.


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  2. I just "Stone Cold Proof" in The American Dream. Could that be what was predicted at the End in that human flesh would be sold in the market place?