30 July 2015

"The Wickedness Is Conquering The World" - Q and A, Pt 2

15 Menachem Av 5775
TU b'Av


Communication with Binyamin

Jerusalem, 21 Tamuz 5775

The Wickedness Is Conquering The World - Questions and Answers, Pt 2 of 2

...Q. You all said once that we will arrive at a situation that will really require true mesirut nefesh [self-sacrifice] literally, is it really facing us, in this period?...

A. Yes, yes. I don't know how it will look, I do know that the Jews are already beginning to suffer very harshly from the gentiles, and shortly it will be much more difficult. Also in the United States it will be, and there will be a lot of riots, and it has already started, because in short order the economy will fall all over the world 'not for no reason', and it started the decline in Greece, and they have another few countries who will fall after Greece. And also, Europe will fall. I believe that they will do it not in one big collapse, but a little at a time, it will come in 'stages'.

But, today they're already talking about China! That China is in a difficult economic situation! And it's clear that they have to be like this, many times we've spoken about it, because China is a totally primitive country, they grew very much, and fast. They're huge, and this hugeness makes it difficult to control all its parts. It's correct that it's the strongest economy in the world, but it's not built well. So, therefore, with the whole world falling - who will buy China's things? And it could be that they bought a lot of gold, I don't know how much, but it won't help them if there is no one to buy what they're selling. And if they have the gold, who says the gold will still be so expensive, who says it will be such a valuable thing at all, that anyone will care about gold. In any case, now they're likely to fall 'not for no reason', and if it is part of the plan, because they're already stealing most of the money from the banks, then now they have the places where it is concealed.

But, the banks themselves - they're all of them on the brink of bankruptcy, because most of the worth of the bank is not in cash, everything there is just in 'numbers', the capital of most of the banks. And the moment that they don't repay the debt the bank will collapse, and the moment that the banks collapse they will start taking out from people's accounts. From those who have money in accounts, they will take out the money that they want. Now, there is a law that the moment they put the money in the bank it belongs to the bank, and not to the person! And if they need it to sustain the bank, then they will 'get rid' of it. Already in Greece, they are planning to take money from people's accounts, and people are very worried about it. But, here there is a situation in which they will also take all of the people's money, and this will be the 'last  theft' - until nothing will remain. And then there will be hungry people, angry people, they will fight each other for a piece of bread and etc., etc. This is the plan, but Hashem has His own plan, and now we'll see, we'll see what will happen, but I know that no Jewish neshamah will be lost.

Q. So has the time come now to gather food like in Greece citizens are now hoarding quantities of food?

A. I've said the whole time: you can keep some 'two weeks' of food so there will be a basis for a miracle, Hashem will make miracles for us. Aside from this, in Israel it won't be as bad as outside of it. Outside of Israel - that's something else. There, outside of Israel, it will be a mess 'not for no reason', it will be something terrible. In Israel it won't be so bad, but it will be bad enough, not like outside of Israel. Here, they need some one place to remain that in it will be their center...

...Q. ISIS is already so close to us, down south, in Sinai! It's most frightening. What do you say?

A. I say to you thus, this ISIS - they're a creation of the 'New World Order' people. It's really stupid to think it was born this way. Let's say they will recount: 'Tens of thousands of Europeans fled - and decided to become soldiers...', of course not! It must be an army, with training of an army, that knows also how to use a weapon. The weapon of today is not a simple thing, it's much more complicated than it once was. It's not 'canons', that they put in it a ball and 'boom'... No, it's all complicated. And if they're so successful - then it's very clear that there are more people working with them, many more. And of course, more receiving guidance from America, from England, and from Europe and etc. They're using them to destroy the Arabs. And I heard today that they're saying that we here are next in line on their list after Egypt... Hashem will help.

But, I'll tell you another thing: how can they let ISIS come here? How can they make this march?!... This ISIS will take off everyone's heads!... So, clearly, they're not going to let them come in here... But, I think, I don't know, that this whole story will be totally an excuse, a reason to fill Eretz Yisrael with foreign soldiers, that supposedly will come to fight against ISIS, after ISIS makes so many problems in all other countries.

Q. They're saying that there's a star close to the planet and according to various forecasts in the future it will hit the United States. Have you heard about it?

A. It's a big question if it's real or not. And it could be that the evildoers will simply go into their bunkers, and will make a war like there is such a thing. And the war will be with what they're calling  "weather", that they already know how to make hurricanes, tornadoes, and etc., etc., and even that a volcano will erupt.... And also a tsunami, etc., And it could be that it's the weapon that they're mainly using. And that's not to say that they won't hurl some nuclear-bomb on a few cities, just to show that there is a 'war'. But, in any case, there are many who think that this whole story about a star - it's just 'make-believe', that this thing is not exact, or it doesn't exist, or that of course, it's not coming to the United States or any other place on the planet. And there are those who are saying that it will pass nearby the planet and that's what will result in all the problems in the weather, etc., but I personally, I don't think so. HKB"H will surely destroy two-thirds of the world, but He doesn't need a 'star' to do it, if He uses a star - then the star will do it, and it's a thing that needs to be clear to everyone, who it is that's punishing them: only HKB"H.

Q. 'B'motzaei shvi'it Ben David bah' - thus it's written in the Gemara, I don't believe it's relevant to wait another eight years, until the next motzaei shmittah...

A. God forbid, God forbid.

Q. Moving on, 'In Nisan we were redeemed, in Nisan we will be redeemed'..., when in Nisan? Surely at Pesach, on seder night, and that's 290 days from today. So, we can begin the 'countdown'...

A. Exactly. And we can see more and more how they're controlling and how they're being exposed, and how they're not afraid, and they're really drunk on their success, and it will finish them. But don't worry, Mashiach is already here. He can't arrive suddenly one moment before he is revealed. He's here, he's already here, and we're just waiting for it, that he will be revealed. And Hashem will help us, and we will see in the nearest future like big miracles, like things that will happen that we won't be able to believe our eyes, but in the end it will also hardly be possible to get through it and to remain alive. But we will remain alive, and we will get through it, and Hashem will help us, and we will merit to receive our righteous Mashiach, with God's help - all Am Yisrael.

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  1. moshiach announces in septemember
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