27 July 2015

Binyamin: "The Wickedness Is Conquering The World"

12 Menachem Av 5775


Communication with Binyamin

Jerusalem, 21 Tamuz 5775

The Wickedness Is Conquering The World

I want to say that the world is really approaching the direction of the geulah shleimah at the quickest speed. The evildoers are full, and are filling the world with their wickedness. Wherever we look we see really the opposite of good, we see very scary things. 

When we learn about the Generation of the Flood, or about Sodom and Amorrah, etc., about the evil Greeks, about the evil Romans, about Nebuchadnezzar and all the terrible things that they did and etc., we're saying to ourselves: 'How is it possible to be so cruel?!' But, now, we have everything! Nebuchadnezzar, the Greeks, the Romans, Sodom and etc., and it's simply hard to tolerate, it's so bad, so opposite of the Torah, so cruel, that it's hard-hard to imagine what can be with these evildoers really ruling over the world. And they're already certain that they're ruling over the world, because it appears from all directions that they're succeeding, G-d help us, but I believe that Hashem will destroy them before they will succeed to bring all this evil to a height, a width and a depth that they wish to bring. 

But, I also know that they are in every corner of the world. They control the United States, they control Europe, they control Italy and also the Vatican - which is 'the head', they control every place, in China, in Russia, in Australia and all of Africa, in South America and in Canada, and etc., in every place in the world they're ruling. And it's very scary. And in order that Hashem will be rid of them completely, He will destroy two-thirds of the world. Two-thirds of the world! Can you digest this?! Two-thirds of the world!!! It will be a very hard operation to erase all the evil that's filling the world since the first sin that the snake set in motion.

Woe to us! Woe to us what we need to go through. Hard to believe, hard to believe there can be such a thing, but it's a fact, a clear fact, that we are seeing every day more and more the depth of their wickedness, of their twisted mind, how they make, so to speak, chas v'shalom, the 'Almighty' out of the Satan himself, chas v'shalom, the snake who himself was created at the hands of HKB"H, and they've made him even bigger, shelo neida. Woe to us, woe to us.

And this fool, the snake, still believes what they're doing!... He believes he's the Almighty, chas v'shalom, with all the billions of people who already believe in him, so he's sure it's correct... So, Hashem will annihilate all of them, all of them, and there won't remain of them a memory. But, just imagine how it will look, what He needs to do in order to destroy two-thirds-of-the-world, just imagine it...! But, what will remain - it will be pure, pure. And that's the main thing. And it will be the base, and on this Hashem will begin again to build anew, but this time without sin, without wickedness, only with the Torah, everything according to the Torah, everything according to the holy Torah, everything according to holiness.

We're waiting, it should arrive already. There's not much more to say. I just want to warn you: this wickedness does not come without a price, and they - the next generation of Nazis, because the Nazis were also very involved with this wickedness, these people - they're the same people, and many of them, they themselves are the same people really!

But, there's also another thing. We need to go through the antisemitism again. It's only begun - the antisemitism, and it's going to become much greater. What do you think? That they want the Jews?!... They want to make their new religion, and it's designed, of course, for those Jews who are ready to abandon the religion, as usual, according to how it was in all of history. And we're beginning to see still more antisemitism, especially in the Diaspora, and this antisemitism perhaps will encourage Jews to give themselves up and arrive in Israel before it becomes much worse.

But, antisemitism - we will see. And even here in Israel there will be enough antisemitism,and there's enough, because much of our leadership are part of the evildoers. And they are ready for anything. They hate their Judaism. They hate HKB"H, G-d help us, and them - they have no problem doing terrible things to the real Jews. And we'll need to be strong - and not be afraid. And if we will not be afraid and we will stand steadfast, and close to HKB"H, Hashem will protect us and will save us. He doesn't want in the last moments to lose any Jewish neshamah, any true Jewish neshamah.

Now, we need to understand our situation. It's hard to think about it, there's time until it arrives, indeed not so much time, but in any case there is time, but we're already seeing that it exists. And it will be very scary, but don't be afraid, don't be afraid! Just be with HKB"H. And if you still feel afraid, then close your eyes and ears, and just think about HKB"H. When a person sits in a movie, then he's sure that what he's seeing is real, in thought he indeed knows that it's not real, but nevertheless he cries together with the actors, and is afraid together with the actors. But, in a place like this that we see a movie and we want to forget from it - then simply seal up the eyes and ears. And it's good in a movie.

But, there are people who don't want to know what's happening, so they close their eyes and ears so to speak and still don't want to know, so everything appears to them "good". Only when the knife will be on their neck - then they will understand that it's not good. But, good Jews who know, only that they have a bit of fear, it's possible to close the eyes and ears and simply concentrate on HKB"H, because it brings us to another place, it elevates us so that no one can bother us or kill us or do anything bad to us. And that's all I have to say. Questions?

(Q and A to follow, iy"H)


  1. Thank you
    Is there anyone else out there like myself that has this thought of just let it happen already so that we can get to the other side - the majesty of the Geula!
    Obviously, we keep being warned again and again so that each time more and more people wake up and turn to Hashem. Hashem has infinite mercy for each and every one of us. He doesn't want us to suffer and wants to give us the best possible outcome. And truthfully, I've never said as much Tehillim, focused my efforts on being there for others - noticing them and attending to their needs, nor keeping much more focused on the important things in life as I do now. I've awoken and am not going back to sleep! Yet at the same time - I just wish we can get through it and be done with it. How much strength do we have???
    I have to keep reminding myself that it's all good - not just good - it's great!
    Keep strong - we need each other to get through this b'rachamim.

  2. Heres further proof of the evil in our world. Fascinating and very interesting: http://naturalsociety.com/university-professor-says-ebola-is-a-genetically-modified-lab-made-virus/

  3. its not just ebola, its the entire medical establishment and vaccines! Awesome performance by Dr Horowitz.