13 July 2015

Binyamin: "How Beautiful It Will Be"

26 Tamuz 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Binyamin Golden

Jerusalem, 14 Tamuz 5775

How Beautiful It Will Be

On Shabbat, it will be the Seventeenth of Tamuz, and we are coming closer and closer to the geulah shleimah. The fast of the Seventeenth of Tamuz this year is 'postponed', we will fast on Sunday, but the geulah won't be 'postponed', the geulah will be exactly at the time that it needs to be. It won't arrive ahead of time, it will arrive exactly on time. We didn't succeed to bring it, in our closeness to Hashem and our righteousness, we didn't succeed in bringing the geulah earlier. But, Baruch Hashem, in any case - it will arrive on time, and this time is very close, Baruch Hashem.

The world - like we say all the time - is turning upside down.

The world that was, over the last thirty, forty or fifty years, until before the fall of the Twin Towers - it was a world of materialism, a world of imaginary happiness, a world of deception, a world of all types of food without end, of wild behavior that's like it's happiness, of 'so-called progress', in medicine, and in science, and all kinds of things, that actually wasn't even progress, but the oppposite. These were the times of trips, and of money, of clothes without end, shoes, and etc. and etc. But, now it's already changed. True, that they're still making big parties, and still trying to 'goof off' like they used to do and to receive pleasure from it, but inside everyone is sad. Whether they want to admit it or not - they are all of them sad. Daily, they're hearing really scary things, they don't know if there will be on the same day some hole that will suddenly open up under their house and will swallow it... Or whether some volcano will explode, or whether there will be some tsunami that will kill thousands of people or an earthquake that can do tremendous damage. Lately, there hasn't been any nice weather, pleasant. We're getting tremendous natural disasters. And we no longer have the entertainments that make us 'happy', even though superficially, but supposedly happy, no, now the movies are full of murder, and things much worse than this.

And, all the entertainments, also of food, are already not so entertaining, because we also know that all the food is making us sick, and we need to be careful. And most people are suffering from all kinds of things, from all types of problems, heart, and from pains - all kinds of pains, back pains, stomach pains, and all kinds of situations, sugar and etc. And the standard of the food has gone down very, very much. It's the most processed, and it doesn't give them pleasure, because they're afraid they'll get sick from it. Eating from it, and being afraid of it... And the whole world's turning upside down, and a person doesn't find himself. Even the Chareidim are confused by all of it, and they also have the pizzas, and the hamburgers, and the ketchup, and the mayonnaise and the Coca-Cola... All of it with a 'hechsher', they're also getting the illnesses, and it's also with a hechsher... G-d help us.

But now, it's the end of those gigantic parties, and we're entering into the time of truth. And the-time-of-truth will include enormous wars, and huge natural disasters, and the world will change its form and like the United States has already changed her appearance because of all kinds of changes in the population, and now there will be more drastic changes, like I said, natural disasters that will change the face of the earth, and also changes because of war.

And it's already begun. And therefore, people are frightened. And this ISIS - it's everywhere, and it's all deception, because with a good army you could finish them completely. But, we heard today that they arrived in Egypt and killed sixty Egyptians, soldiers and policemen, but they're not saying that also the Egyptians killed not a few of them. They're trying to scare us, and they're succeeding. They want us to feel that we're being 'pursued', that they're chasing after us with long knives to take off our heads, chas v'shalom. And it's all an act to scare us.

And it's truly scary, because they are capable of a lot of things, but we have more to fear from American soldiers and American policemen, and in Europe, we need to fear European soldiers and policemen and the Europeans. And in every country we have to be afraid, also in Israel, in a little bit we will have to be afraid, but really be afraid - of the army. Not from the Jews in the army, those from the army of the nations. And we'll have to be afraid also of the police, and a lot of people are already afraid of the police, innocent people, because the police have slowly, slowly been turned into something else.

And in every single country there is truly fear. Fear of the authorities because they're our enemy. The authorities - it's an enemy. In all the countries - the authorities are the enemy of the population. And it never was, it's a situation that simply never was like it, a new situation. And this is Edom. Edom rules over the world. This is the situation that's upon us we're talking about all the time. How can we fight against it? We can't take out an 'Uzi' and start shooting at these soldiers, and at their planes, etc. and etc. We have only one weapon: And it is - to pray and to do teshuvah. There is nothing else at all to do. Just to pray and to do teshuvah.

Right now, the Zionists are part of it, our leaders are also a part of it. They have strength, arm strength that we don't have. In this we are small and wretched. But, we have something stronger than this, we have the strength of the Torah and the mitzvot, the strength of faith and trust in Hashem. And with this we will win. Two-thirds of the world will be destroyed - but we will win. And it's not us who are the winners, we will win over our evil inclination and Hashem will make the victory over the evildoers whose head is the Satan, who is the snake who caused the first sin. And with this all the sins will be finished. And this will be the end. We won't have to lie any more, and we won't have to be afraid any more. We will be relaxed, we will be happy, everything will be good, everything will be calm. And we will pray to Hashem with all our heart, and we'll yearn for and come close to, closer and closer to HKB"H, to our Father in Heaven, the Almighty. It will be our nature, and we won't have anything else. We won't have any kind of evil inclination to eat ice cream, or evil inclination to smoke, or evil inclination to steal. No. Everything will be ours. We won't need anything more than what Hashem gives us. That will be enough. We'll yearn to go up, and go up and get closer. To get closer and closer to the truth.

How beautiful it will be, how wonderful it will be. There are no words at all to thank Hashem when we will have a world like this. And we will completely forget the world that was, completely-completely. As if it was never created, like we never suffered. And everything will go easily, and happily. And all of life will be just to do the will of Hashem. And this is our nature, and it's our desire, and it's everything that we wanted. That's it. To do the will of Hashem. What could be better than this???

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