31 July 2015

A New Stage Has Begun on TU b'Av

15 Menachem Av 5775
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

All it takes is some graffiti scribbled in Hebrew with a Star of David to set off a door-to-door IDF search for "Jewish terrorists" and an international cry for settler heads. A fire was set in Shechem which spread to four Arab homes burning the occupants and killing a toddler. Hebrew graffiti - "Long live the King Messiah" - was left behind to "prove" it was a barbarous "Jewish" terror attack on Arabs.

Despite the numbers of times previous "price tag" attacks have been proven to be carried out by the Arabs themselves in the hope that Jews would be blamed, it's still the self-hating, Torah-despising so-called Jews, politicians, rabbis, and assorted others, who are the first to jump onto the bandwagon of public, world-wide condemnation.

Thank God last week's vote in the Knesset calling for the death penalty for terrorists was defeated or else whatever Jews might be framed for this crime would no doubt be the first to be executed under it. The Jew-haters would have loved that!

This event has all the appearance of being a page right out of the US False-Flag Playbook. And that would also include the kidnap-murder of the Arab boy last summer as well as the church "attack" a few weeks ago, right down to the ongoing military drills. Last week there was a "surprise" call-up of reserves and today the IDF is being deployed throughout Judea and Samaria in huge numbers.

It's also highly suspicious that the parade attacker was released from prison only three weeks before the to'evah parade was scheduled to take place once again. Surely, the prison authorities should have been aware of his mental state and the likelihood of a repetition of his previous behavior. A reasonable person would have felt it prudent to at the very least delay his release until the days following the parade. That is, unless he performed precisely as they hoped.

I wish you Shabbat shalom with the clear and unwavering faith that gam zu l'tovah!


  1. Just received this in email...

    DEBKAfile July 31, 2015, 12:35 PM (IDT)
    The IDF closed main West Bank highways to traffic against Palestinian revenge attacks on Israeli vehicles for the murder of a Palestinian baby in an arson attack on the family home in the village of Duma early Friday. His parents and two siblings are in grave condition. Thousands of Israeli troops are combing Jewish outposts in northern West Bank for the perpetrator, believed to be a Jewish extremist. The prime minister and defense minister have condemned the crime as a terrorist atrocity. Israeli and Palestinian security forces are deployed in large numbers to prepare for Palestinian protest demonstrations to turn violent.

  2. - Rivlin: State Has Been Lax in Battling 'Jewish Terrorism'

    - Ya'alon stressed that Israel will not allow "Jewish terrorists to harm Palestinians in the West Bank."

    - Ayelet Shaked: "In this terrible instance, there are no Jews or Arabs, no leftists or rightists. There is a a fight between the children of light and the children of darkness. There is lethal terror that we will fight to the end. No ifs, ands, or buts. We will say in a clear voice: 'Some of the extremists will not be with us.'"

    14:47 IL: Soldiers and border police manning the Kalandia checkpoint on a northern border of the capital are under attack by PA (Palestinian Authority) residents at this time. There are no immediate reports of injuries.

    In the Hebron district, IDF soldiers have shot and wounded a PA resident during rioting in the Abu Sanina area. B’chasdei Hashem there are no injuries reported among Israeli security personnel.

    15:27: Masked Youths hurling firebombs at border police in the Issawiya area of the eastern capital.

    A 966 bus traveling from Jerusalem to Katzrin was attacked with stones near Uja, in the Jericho area.

    13:58 IL: As temperatures soar in Yerushalayim due to the heatwave police near one of the gates to the Old City are battling Arab rioters who are attacking them with stones, bottles and other objects.

    Border police continue to face off with attackers. One police man was injured by shards of glass. His injuries are reports as light.

    Israel Police has moved to level III alert nationwide in response to recent events. Thousands of policepersons are being deployed in public and sensitive areas, with special attention being focused on areas of mass gatherings and summer camp outings.
    (YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

    - a voice in the wilderness

  3. Thank you Devorah; I just added this comment on Lazer Brody's blog:-
    'These are just the kind of images the media are looking for; we can apologize for the next 10 years but the damage is done. It's so neat that we cannot rule out some kind of a set-up'.

  4. I hadn't noticed this before, but at the beginning of the article at Algemeiner it says the graffiti is “Long live Messiah the king”. The only people I know that would write a slogan that infers Mashiach is here would be, wait for it, "Xtians". Most of us would say, may he come speedily in our day. This wouldn't be the First time Xtians were at the heart of the trouble.

  5. Sharbano's comment seems very feasible. If ever there was a non-Jewish govt, it is the one now in place in the SOI. The 'Jews' have become the enemy!

  6. Something doesn't smell right here: http://www.timesofisrael.com/peres-extremist-forces-threaten-to-destroy-israel-from-within/. Whenever Peres is involved I do not trust his motives. I believe his accusations is fueling hatred against the religious element in Israel. There are many questions still unanswered about the Rabin assassination.

  7. Can you imagine these words coming from a man who cavorts with the Pope in his quest to get a stronger foothold in Jerusalem, saying this: “The Torah that was given to us on Mount Sinai is first and foremost a code of values. A Jew is no longer a Jew if he breaks the commandment, ‘Thou shall not murder’ and replaces it with incitement to murder,” he said. “A Jew is no longer a Jew if he ignores the call to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’ — even if the neighbor loves in a different way.” Peres has no right to determine "who is a Jew".

    1. Yeah, see, it's not enough for them to be anti-Judaism. Instead they pretend to have the real Judaism.

  8. Sharbano: The words were Yechi HaMelech HaMoshiach which is a Lubavitch thing. Whether or not this was a set-up has yet to be seen. See photo here: http://972mag.com/photos-palestinian-baby-burned-to-death-in-west-bank-arson-attack/109473/

  9. Everybody should read this.


    - a voice in the wilderness

  10. A number of years ago there was a guy named Baranes in Tzfat who was plastering posters all over town adding ELOKEYNU to the Moshichist slogan attributing Messianic attributes to the Rebbe zt"l. He also purposely ran down Rav Bistritzky zt"l, the Rav of Tzfat and of Kiryat Chabad, who opposed him, with his car, which probably had an effect leading to his later death. He had no known sources of income and was apparently being funded by the Shabak. IMHO the source of the fire-bombing was either one of the feuding families of Duma (an inside job in the center of the village) or the Shabak or an unholy combination of the two.

    1. I think that's an eminently reasonable assumption. I also would not rule out the CIA who regularly sends teams into foreign countries to foment unrest and destabilize regimes.