14 July 2015

Binyamin: "The World Economic Crisis"

27 Tamuz 5775


Communication with Binyamin Golden
Jerusalem, 14 Tamuz 5775

Questions and Answers

 The World Economic Crisis

Q. What's happening in Greece now, I wanted to ask can it in due course affect us also, and is it something planned?

A. Of course it's planned. It's all planned from the beginning. Look, most banks are lending money capital, right? Recently, it's very easy to get a loan, also here in Israel. Indeed, here it's a bit harder to get a loan than in chu"l, but in chu"l they loan huge amounts. And all the money they have, in particular, it is open and freely accessible to all kinds of rich people, so they can take as much as they want, and if they're unprofitable, then the bank simply covers it for them. Also here in Israel, there were indeed incidents like this, but nothing happened to anyone. Despite this, what happened? There was a bit of publicity (noise in the media) and afterwards it disappeared from the publicity. They only put in prison whoever has an account with them and who wants to be rid of them.

And now, what is the issue that's happening in most of the big banks? Let's take for example the German bank. They have a very large sum of money, but it's not enough money to cover all the loans they've given, that is to say, they have a bit of a base of money, there is as opposed to a huge-huge amount of money that they don't have in practice, just 'in numbers'. They call a thing like this 'derivatives'. These derivatives, it's 'make-believe' money. It's not reserve, it's 'make-believe', something that doesn't exist. And they want to make it now so that everyone will have to have a credit card,  and the credit card will be used in place of cash money. Why? What will be? All the money won't be, it simply will be 'all-make-believe'. And now, if a person pays something with a credit card, indeed he's not transferring money, he's transferring numbers. And it arrives at the bank - the numbers, and they take out the numbers, subtracting the same numbers from his account. And when he wants to transfer money to someone, he makes the transfer from his bank to the second bank. It's all in numbers. It's not in real money. This person writes a check or pays an additional payment to another person - it's all simply derivatives (abstract numbers).

And now, there's a new law that many people don't know about, and it's relevant to Europe and to the United States, and as it appears, it will be relevant to many other countries, including here. The moment you put money in the bank - the money belongs to the bank! And if it needs to cover it, because it doesn't have enough money to cover its debts, then it can go into their accounts and simply take what it wants, and you don't know it. And it won't help if you will have cash, because in a little bit, they want to totally finish with all the cash. It simply won't be legal to pay in cash. It also won't help to take cash and put it aside. It's still possible to do it now, but in a little while already - no.

Q. So what will they do with all the cash in the period after this?

A. There won't be cash afterwards, none at all. That's their plan. Right now, it's still possible to use it. And it's all because they, the evildoers, bought capital, gold stocks, they have tons of gold, because they want to turn this gold into 'the money of the future'. Since always this was the money, indeed once it was the currency - gold coins, and afterwards they gave bills and it turned into the money that we are familiar with today, so they want to return to this, just that it's with credit cards so that everyone can buy his food and etc. only with this card, and also on this they will profit... Even so, we will be, chas v'shalom, what they want that we will be, chalilah, slaves.

Q. So, we've returned to the 'eigel hazahav'...

A. We've returned to what it once was, right.

Q. The question is, why do the banks like to grant loans with the financial situation so harsh?

A. Because that's how, in this system, they make from every person and every institution and every bank - they turn everybody over to 'bankruptcy', poor from beginning to end. And they have their money, they don't need the banks. They give the loans so that everyone will be indebted. They're interested in the whole world being in debt. That by means of this everyone will be totally bankrupt, from beginning to end, when only they have the money, and they have the places of the gold and etc., etc. I said this once, and I'll say it again: The bank that's the richest - it's the bank of the Vatican!

Q. But, from where do they take the money to lend so much?

A. I said again: They don't have so much money, they're using numbers. They don't give money in the hand. They transfer a certain sum of money in the loan customer's account, and also the borrower transfers this money onward in numbers. Correct, some take this in cash, but with the majority it's only 'transfer in numbers'. They don't allow everyone to take out above a certain sum, and they're also making in this more and more difficult problems. They still haven't activated these rules completely.

And now there is also the matter of what's happening in the world of medicine. In the United States, the people who fight the country's wars, veteran soldiers who need treatment - they already can't currently get treatment! There are those who they're already saying there's simply nothing they can do for them, and with this they're finished. The reason for this is that they want to fight against them. And many of them are sick, lo aleynu, because the new weapons are radioactive. And they were made sick from it, and of course, they deserve to be treated by them. But, those in the government are afraid of these people, because these veterans can make a war against the soldiers in the United States, they know how to fight. Therefore, all those who returned from Iraq, etc. - they're behaving towards them really not properly. And aside from this, there's also the 'medical insurance'. Whoever reaches above a certain age won't get so much, won't receive what they need to receive. How does Obama say? You need at this age to simply understand the situation. However, the rich - they do receive all the good treatments, etc.

And there's also the issue of the vaccinations. They really are dangerous. It's not because of the basic technique that this thing is dangerous, it's because they're putting into it dangerous things at the beginning intentionally with the goal of bringing down the population, to make the population sterile. And there are lots of things that are occurring here today. And we, with all that's happening, need to understand that Hashem is simply bringing everything down to zero. It's impossible to rely on and go into the hospital and have an operation. Sometimes we have to because there is no choice, but it's impossible to rely on the cure. Impossible to rely on national insurance. Impossible to rely on soldiers or on police, or on the courts. To my great sorrow, today it's impossible even to rely on a beit din. We're in a situation that we can only rely on HKB"H.

And this we've already said for years and years. From this, many years we're saying this thing, that the time will come that it will be impossible to rely on [anything], not on lawyers, not on the police, not on medicine, not on anything. Only on HKB"H. I'm telling all that's happening in order that you will understand: There's nothing on which to lean - only on HKB"H. I want to add that also on our leaders, beyond the shadow of a doubt, it's impossible to lean on [them].

[To be continued, iy"H]


  1. And so I have found in my life. The gov.,, the corporations, the universities, et all, it's all a ripoff.

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    - a voice in the wilderness

  4. The company I used to work for has just entered another round of layoffs. More than half my coworkers are out of work. Yet, the company is highly profitable and the stock at a high.