29 July 2015

The Jewish Version of the 'Rescue' Parable

13 Menachem Av 5775

You all must be familiar with that famous parable about the man who had faith that God would rescue him from any bad situation. 

One day, a heavy rain began to fall and the streets started to flood. A neighbor called over to him, "We're leaving. Come ride with us in our truck."

"No, thanks," the man replied with confidence. "God will save me."

The water got deeper and rose up towards the door of his house. Another man floated by in a rowboat. "Hop in!" he called to the man.

"No, thanks," he replied once again. "God will save me."

The water continued to rise through the night until the man found himself atop his roof. A helicopter hovered overhead and dropped him a ladder. "Climb up," the pilot shouted over a loudspeaker.

"No, thanks," the man declined. "God will save me," he insisted.

Needless to say, the man drowned and when he stood before the Throne of Glory, he said he only had one question for God: "I had faith you would save me, but you let me down. What happened?" To which God responded, "I sent you a truck, a rowboat and a helicopter. It was your job to get on board!"

Now, here is the Jewish version of that parable...

One day, Jews began to return to their ancient homeland after two thousand years and eventually re-established Jewish sovereignty there, with God's help. Soon, a terrible tide of antisemitism began to rise throughout the world. Rabbi Kahane issued a warning to Jews everywhere to prepare to make aliyah to Israel.

"No, thanks," they replied with confidence. "Mashiach will come for us."

The economy got bad and many people were out of work. Islamic terrorism raised its evil head and struck at the Twin Towers. The tide rose higher and Nefesh b'Nefesh was created. "Let us help you make aliyah as easy as pie."

"No, thanks," the Jews replied yet again. "Mashiach will come for us."

Then the economy began to collapse in stages across the world as nations staggered under heavy loads of debt and stock markets plummeted. The Western world paved the way for Iran to have nuclear weapons while Islamic fanatics were committing atrocities to rival the Nazis of the last century. Jews could not walk the streets of Europe with outward signs of their faith and the man in the White House was busy overseeing the enslavement and imprisonment of the entire population of the United States. 

Then came Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, the Rimanover Rebbe, Rav Shalom Arush, Rabbi Lazer Brody, Rabbi Pinhas Winston, Seer Nir Ben Artzi, the autistic children and many others to say in unison: "Jews make aliyah without any further delay!"

"No, thanks," the Jews declined. "Mashiach will come for us," they insisted.

And all disappeared beneath the wave...


  1. So, what did they do in Mitzrayim? Same thing. Only a small segment actually followed Moses out. The rest are still waiting where they are buried.

    Love your updating the parable.

  2. And don't forget all the little people like us, the ones who live in the trenches, who have our own glimpse into reality, who say come.

  3. it's very easy to understand, the Rebbe unstructured Jews to not worry. we have nothing to rely on besides the words of ben Amram. had the Rebbe as much as hinted at the idea you would see Jews running for the hills in droves. however only fake messiahs tell people to drop everything and run. the real messiah tells Jews to not worry because everything G-d has done is only for the Jew's sake.

  4. Dovid Chaim, I don't know which Rebbe you are talking about..... But, you certainly brought out some of what's on my mind.

    First Devash, the list of gedolim above, far from covers the wide spectrum of judaism. As far as for myself, although I greatly admire many of the ones you've mentioned, only R' Chaim Kanievsky counts as a universal leader. If he were to believe that it is imperative for all frum and holy yidden to make aliyah NOW, he would've said so, at least 'once'. In this little video, he clearly tells this man to come because its a mitzvah. He could've easily given out a blanket statement and many of us yidden would run, run, run. Even the Rimenever Rebbe spoke to the South only, and he himself is still here.

    Coming from 'my background' of chassidim and a very close knit community, it is hard not to feel a bit awkward making such a big deal out of this. (although my mind is always there) We grew up with a solid torahdig background, chock full of Emunah and all the works. Not all are of the opinion that the current State of Israel can be a safe haven, given all the tumah it is absorbing r''l. We grew up knowing that when Moshiach comes we will fly over to Eretz Yisroel on an eagle. If we all go, who will be left to fill this age old jewish belief?

    The 'cream of the crop' is living in Brooklyn (and EY, of course), and I state very clearly that between Sephardim, Litvaks, and Chassidim, there is no talk of the 'importance' of aliyah, given the circumstances. Not one Gadol, Rebbe, Leader.... Maybe we ought to believe that Hashem is taking care of us, as we 'are' following all of his commandments and his wishes.

    So if I weren't on the internet, how would I ever know the importance of aliyah? Hence, many of my acquaintances and siblings questioning eyebrows.

    As I've mentioned before, I highly doubt Hashem needs us to resort to these measures in order to save us on doomsday. Now, I'm pretty sure and in agreement with you that this day is very near. (well, obviously, if I'm still searching your site almost daily despite our differences.) But, we both should understand that there are two sides to the coin.

    Now, of course it doesn't minimize the mitzvah of aliyah.

    Sarah G K

    1. Just enter "the Rebbe" into google and you will quickly understand who is the Rebbe.

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