05 July 2015

"The United States Together with Europe - Will Disappear"

18 Tamuz 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Daniel, Yerushalayim, 13 Tamuz 5775

"The United States Together with Europe - Will Disappear"

Abba, Abba, you see how the surrounding world is really changing at lightening speed, things are changing from moment to moment so fast and so tangible and clear. What once was - we see clearly - has already disappeared and become history - and so fast - that a person doesn't have time to adjust to the new situation, because the moment he gets used to it - something else happens. And most of the time he doesn't even have time to get used to the first situation until the second situation comes. And all these changes - they're big, huge and the basis of our whole world is changing.

The world which is called "modern" - is built upon large cities, small towns and population centers without agriculture and because of the electricity and water flowing into our homes, we live an easy life relative to our fathers. Our fathers would have to take the laundry to the river and wash the laundry in the river, etc. And today we just put the laundry in a washing machine and dryer, we don't even have to hang it out on a line. [Some of us still do!] The cooking - don't need to go to the forest to cut wood for a fire and to cook - just light the gas and we cook.

This is the most spoiled generation that ever was and most of the world's population benefits this way. Now, we are facing a situation that there won't be a supermarket where we will be able to go and buy the products that we need, it could be that there won't be running water in the house, there could be an electrical disconnection which would really be a disaster for most people - and not because of a nuclear bomb or tsunami or earthquake, shelo neda, but because there won't be money, the banks will close and there won't be money to buy. It could be that we will have in the house water and food that will be able to sustain us for some time, but that's it. In addition to this, after all the food is finished, people will begin to search for food, and because we don't have agriculture or dairy farms or chicken coops, etc. in our cities, then there won't be a natural source for food, so simply all over the world, they will begin to fight with each other, they will steal whatever there is in the supermarkets and after this, they will kill just in order to eat.

And whoever planned this way of the modern world in which everything depends on electricity - it was really a plan of the Satan himself, because the person depends exclusively on the evildoers and when the criminals pull the plug from the socket then everything is finished, because after a year it's almost certain that no people will remain, there will just be a few who know how to hunt, etc. but the great majority of people will finish their life, shelo neda.

And now, this week especially - we are facing the possibility that the economic basis on which our whole world is built today - is about to completely crumble underneath our feet. There is great fear that Greece won't be able to pay her billions of debt, and when they won't be able to pay - it will hit the Deutsche Bank hardest, the bank of Berlin, Germany, and it's a huge bank, but most of the bank is not based on the money it has, that it should have, it's just numbers on a computer - and not actual money, not actual gold, nothing. Because whoever takes money or transfers it to someone else - the bank does it in the computer, it's just numbers going through, so therefore, when Greece doesn't pay the money in cash, Deutsche Bank is in trouble, and since Deutsche Bank is among the largest banks in Europe, if it doesn't receive the money it's in trouble, and the moment it's in trouble, it rolls over all the banks and eventually it will affect the whole world in the worst way.

We never thought about how it works, how the evildoers were stealing from us year after year, we were simply left with empty pockets, thinking that we had a pension - we have no pension, suddenly our pension disappeared; thinking we have savings - the savings disappeared. We have credit, it's imaginary credit, it's just "make-believe" - it remains for us "make-believe". And the whole world is based upon "make-believe". It's all "make-believe" - the movies are bringing us to a situation of "make-believe". They go, see movies, and there are, to our sorrow, among them many religious and chareidim. And we have now movies for children on vacation which are kosher lemehadin so to speak with actors with beards and peyot, etc. - and this brings us to an imaginary world. And I'm not even talking about the I-phone, etc. and there are also children who can reach their father's or their mother's phone and see things that will bring them at this tender age to an imaginary world which has no basis in the Torah even if it's something as if chareidi. When there is no holiness within the thing then it's just imaginary - and the imagination of a person without holiness - it just brings us to evil, it just brings us down to a situation, Hashem yishmor - many can't rise up and come out of it. And that's the situation of our world.

It's written in the prophets - when Mashiach will arrive, two-thirds of the world will be destroyed, one-third will be destroyed completely and nothing will be left of it, one-third will be hit hard and one-third won't be harmed.  It has to be - prepare for it. It will be!

If we live without holiness - we will be in severe trouble, we won't be able to survive - it's the last test. The moment that we turn with all our heart to HKB"H and ask Him for help, throwing away all the materialistic fantasies and arriving to the truth that ayn od milevado umitorato, there's nothing besides Him alone and His Torah, then Hashem will save us.

But, it's very difficult, because the world with all the difficulties in it - is still full of imagination. Ask a Jew in America, "Nu, what's the situation in America?" He answers, "Fine." Ask, "What's with aliyah to Israel?" He'll answer, "No, I have no money, my livelihood is here, I have a good life here." They don't understand what's happening, they don't want to understand, it's really scary how they don't see.

It's true, people feel like something's not right. In the news and in all kinds of other sources - we feel a very big change in the world, a change beyond our imagination, but we don't want to know about it. Also, the imagination belongs to the yetzer hara, this imagination is a deception to people - as if he sees only good, everything good, no problems. And it doesn't matter if there are riots all over the United States, it doesn't matter that they're bringing the Mexicans freely inside the United States and there are already millions who are sitting in all various cities full of violent people, twisted people, etc. and etc. They don't make an accounting that it's really happening, speaking about it, but not a lot.

It doesn't matter that the president of the United States appoints himself as a dictator, makes a show about some law against democracy, the Republicans and the Democrats shouted and spoke against it - and when it appeared as if it would lose the following day, they passed another law that made him a dictator, he doesn't need the Senate, he doesn't need Congress, he can do what he wants. But, they didn't comprehend it, they don't want to know, it doesn't interest them. But, inside they know, they feel that something's very changed, that the situation's hard, that there's what to fear.

A person wakes up in the morning, and he doesn't have the joy he once had. All over the world, it's like this. He has the feeling that there's going to be something very scary, but most people push aside their feelings, even when the whole world becomes a crooked world, that never was like this, and it brings great fear into the heart, because they are really twisted the people who are in control. How can it be that the Highest Court in the United States approved twisted marriage and I don't want to go into details - everyone understands. How can it be? It's a war directly against HKB"H, overturning nature, to do everything crooked, and it's not only this, but it's one of the prominent signs indicating the ruling ability of the evildoers. And this is the situation of the world today, that more and more prohibited things are becoming legal. Like Shabbatai Tzvi, may his name and memory be blotted out, who said that all the "noes" of the Torah are allowed and what's allowed is - forbidden. Thus the evildoers do, shelo neda, they're making war directly against HKB"H in their gaining control over all the world including the State of Israel. And it's all the work of the Satan himself, the snake who never left us, because we brought in part of the snake within ourselves the moment we ate from the Tree of Knowledge. We are now correcting it. And only those who really trust in HKB"H, who ask from HKB"H to save us, only those who are waiting for Mashiach - only these will survive.

If we really want to save ourselves, then it's worthwhile already now to work on it, to make a real connection with HKB"H without all the materialism, how will it not be - Hashem will bring down for us all the materialism that we've become accustomed to? We will live only on miracles like when we went out of Egypt. And only whoever asks for help, who acknowledges that HKB"H is the almighty and only Him, only he can live in the world of Mashiach.

This time has almost arrived, don't think that the big war that's about to be will be long, the first and second world wars lasted four years each, but we're already in the third world war, and until the end there's not much time, so it's worthwhile already now to begin - because at the last moment there won't be time. The United States, the greatest country - all of it is directed towards materialism, the golden calf.  The United States together with Europe - will disappear. They are the biggest, biggest evildoers, and there are others like them all over the world - and they also will disappear, and also Russia, and also China, and also other countries.

Two-thirds of the world is a lot of area, the United States in the last 150 years and especially in the last century after the second world war became the greatest in the world, she rules in every place. Soon, we will forget that she ever existed, perhaps we'll find her in some history book on a few pages where it will be mentioned that there ever was a Great United States. And in fact today, the United States as a free and democratic nation already does not exist.

She was founded on the eigel hazahav alone [on the day when the Children of Israel worshipped the eigel hazahav - 17 Tamuz!] and there can't be a continuance of her existence without kedushah, because the tumah in her is worse than what was in Mitzrayim. Europe - the same thing, Europe - they were always wicked, always fighting against HKB"H.

Just don't forget what was in the world - when we reach the moment that Hashem will destroy two-thirds from the world, at the moment that our righteous Mashiach will arrive - what already was won't be anymore. The life we once had - it will be history, and we will forget it very quickly. Everything that seems important - the money, the vacation, the car, the house, and etc., - it already won't be - we will have forgotten it completely - because we are entering into a world that is all good - because it will be a world without the yetzer hara. Just to sit and to think that each thing that the person did in life every day, each moment - was influenced by the yetzer hara, almost every moment we have a war inside between the good inclination and the evil inclination. In the world of Mashiach - there won't be an evil inclination, Hashem will slaughter him and only the good inclination will rule. It will be something else completely, the world will continue like the world we know - just without the yetzer hara. Just make an accounting what it is a world without the yetzer hara - it will be amazing. The yetzer hatov will push us day and night to do only Hashem's will and we will want it very much and we will receive much spiritual pleasure from it. Even the day to day materialistic side will get a spiritual elevation because the yetzer hatov alone will dictate everything.

I only ask, we are speaking again and again the same things because there's nothing more to say, only what? Now, it's happening. If the Greeks can't pay their debt - it will strongly bring down Western civilization another level downwards and it's already affecting the whole world. There will be more wars, more riots, there will be more murder, there will be threatening things - because all the filth, all the plans and the things that the evildoers are doing in order to fight against HKB"H are rising up and being exposed.

So, therefore, begin now - we don't want our innocent and good children to be influenced by the crooked world, we need to take our children, our women, our husbands, our grandmothers and our grandfathers and put ourselves into a closed frame in which each day we live is only in order to do the will of Hashem - and this is what will save us - and nothing else.

Success to all Am Yisrael, you should go out from the mud into the sunshine - forever.

Q. In other words, it will be a world without illness, without hospitals, health funds, without banks, income tax, mortgage, electric bills, water, telephone, property tax, etc.?

A. Yes, the world after the complete redemption will be based on this world without the yetzer hara, how it will be exactly I can't say, I just know that it's a world of truth without lie. The world of lies existing now, the height of insanity - will disappear. With what will we be left? We will be left with the faith and the trust in HKB"H, we will be left with the Holy Torah, we will be left with the korbanot and Beit HaMikdash. And each one of us can sit and imagine how a world like this will look - amazing - amazing - amazing.