01 July 2015

Demoralization: A Tactic of the Psy-Ops War

14 Tamuz 5775

The typical "Zionist" leadership via the usual "Zionist" propaganda media outlets is calling on the "Zionist" public to issue a strong "Zionist" response to the most recent murder of a Jewish resident of the Binyamin region of Eretz Yisrael. And what would that be? "BUILD!" "Building", or more settlement construction, has become the accepted and appropriate response to any act of terror against the so-called "settlers". 

I don't know when this actually started or whose bright idea it was, but it was a masterful stroke of genius. All that public anger and outrage funneled into contruction rather than into protesting failed government policies or what's worse, perhaps perpetrating revenge attacks against the enemy. 

In a few months' time, when all has returned, once again, to business as usual, the IDF will come out and bulldoze away all traces of the puny structures thrown up as a "response" to terror, but the anger and the outrage will have already been spent and the people will have moved on to other things.

For those who care - who really care - the feelings don't diminish. They don't go away. They go underground. They simmer and boil within the heart and they provide the seasoning for earnest prayer demanding justice and retribution from on high.

But, for too many of us, these events - the attacks as well as the lame and ineffective response - lead to a feeling of helplessness, demoralization and failure which leads to discouragement, apathy, and even surrender. Some will become depressed and turn to some method of distraction. Some will discourage aliyah in general or even get up and leave the country themselves. And this is the ultimate goal of all these sorrows - the terror attacks, the ineffective responses, the fostering of feelings of uselessness - they're all meant to demoralize the Jews into leaving (or not coming to) Eretz Yisrael. It's a major part of the War for Hearts and Minds - the psy-ops (psychological operations) war waged against us by Eisav, Yishmael and the Erev Rav.

Understanding this is a major part of the battle. If you get nothing more than this, you're already halfway to winning the war. And isn't it also comparable to an externalization of the same war the Yetzer HaRa has been waging against us all our lives?

By this, we learn how to combat it. We must strengthen our minds through learning and listening to words of Torah, which alone can straighten and purify our thoughts and attitudes, and we must strengthen our hearts by drawing closer to and connecting with HKB"H by way of our prayers which build our emunah and bitachon.

Tefillah and Torah are the weapons in the War for Hearts and Minds



  1. The tactic seems to be the most effective demoralizing the Israeli government. The more they are demoralized the more they sacrifice the Jewish people and the land. It is circuitous and repetitive and they refuse to see it is a tactic used with great success.We are used as a korban by them to receive a pat on the head by the nations. If only their sense of worth and honor wasn't wrapped up in the opinion of the Goyiim.


  2. This is why I don't bother with the settlements. First of all, they accept the label of being settlers, so right away they lose. Second, they are manipulated by the government coming and going. The video "meraglim" shows a leadership that has been absolutely compromised. How can you work with people whose leadership has betrayed them?

    My king and master is Hashem. I am His servant. I serve His champions in this world. When Hashem reveals to us who the Mashiach is, then I will work for that man and do what I can to aid him in his task. But not because I worship a man or a political structure, or even the Torah itself. I worship only Hashem. I serve other men, because I see that they are agents of Hashem, I study the Torah, because the Torah is the instruction of Hashem. But when all is said and done, it is Hashem, and only Hashem that is my master.

  3. All I can say is YASHER KOACH! Thank you for speaking the emes.