28 July 2015

"The Wickedness Is Conquering The World" - Q and A, Pt 1

12 Menachem Av 5775


Communication with Binyamin

Jerusalem, 21 Tamuz 5775

The Wickedness Is Conquering The World - Questions and Answers, Pt 1 of 2

Q. How can we develop the desire and longing to merit to see the sacrificial service and the Temple?...

A. The first thing is that the Erev Rav can't do it, so this already reduces a lot of people from the nation. But, also a real Jew, when he is very involved with materialism - it's very hard for him to feel it. And a person who wants to feel the holiness - has to seclude himself. And not the intention to 'seclude himself' - to distance himself from people in general, but to seclude himself within our ghettos, within our homes, to close himself up within our synagogues, within our study halls, and then, only in a sacred atmosphere - is it possible to yearn first of all for the complete redemption, and for holiness, and for every thing that pertains to us, also the sacrifices and the Temple, etc. The feeling for all these things Hashem is showing us only when we rid ourselves of the materialism, from the lie. We need to be more and more connected to the truth, and then the yearning begins. A very strong yearning that brings us slowly-slowly to the truth. And the truth - it's HKB"H. And the moment we begin to feel the connection with Him, then we begin to yearn, to yearn in the most difficult way, to yearn for all the holiness, to yearn for the home that's like a little Beit Hamikdash, to yearn for the Beit Hamikdash and the korbanot, to yearn for modesty, to begin to guard eyes, to begin to live a life of holiness.

Q. Also for the sake of feeling the light of the Shabbat and appointed  times and every thing of Judaism needs holiness...

A. We need to seclude ourselves and reduce the cumbersome food, and the parties and the horrible dresses, and the style of speech. We've lost much with all this materialism. It's impossible to progress, impossible this way to come close to Hashem. And if it's impossible to come close to Hashem - then, there's nothing. A person doesn't have to be the genius of the generation in learning, he needs to be the friend, the true son of HKB"H. To come close, to come close, to come close. And the moment that he comes close and becomes spiritually elevated, indeed he needs to learn, he has to learn, but the main thing - it's to come close to HKB"H. And so, to receive the Torah in truth, and to strive very, very much, especially in holiness, and whoever doesn't have holiness - can't come close at all to HKB"H.

Q. The Rishonim brought that the mitzvah of 'tzipiah liyeshuah' [expecting the redemption] is included in the first commandment: "I am Hashem your G-d Who took you from the land of Egypt", so one can say that like Hashem is infinite, and faith has no end - also the redemption is a thing without end...

A. Correct, because it's one thing that goes into another. And we are continuing and continuing, and we will have many more changes after the complete redemption, and we will stand in it in joy, it will be something good, it will be something that attracts, that yearns for it, that we will want it so, with all our essence, it will be such a pleasure that it's impossible to be described. And this pleasure - it will continue forever.

Q. The righteous of all generations like the 'Yismach Moshe' ztz"l, and many more tzadikim, waited for Mashiach years-upon-years without tiring, without losing hope for even a moment... How did they do it?!...

A. Without a doubt, because it becomes deeper, more interesting, wider, deeper, higher and more-more-and-more because there's no end to that which the Torah can teach us. It's possible to learn it a hundred years, or two hundred or a million years, and each time will be revealed another thing and another thing. But we need people like the Chofetz Chaim, like all the great and righteous of the generations who can reveal it to us. But, when Mashiach will arrive, we ourselves will be able to reveal these things, with G-d's help. There will be those who will be more able and those less, but everyone will be able to do it, with G-d's help.

Q. This year the fasts of the Seventeenth of Tamuz and also the Ninth of Av take place on Shabbat and they're 'postponed', what is the significance for us?

A. The significance of this is that in any case Hashem will have mercy on Am Yisrael and that no Jewish neshamah will be lost. That it's 'postponed' - it gives us relief (from a halachic aspect) and it also says that Hashem will have mercy on us, and the complete redemption will be with much mercy for the true-Jews. Hashem is not looking for every single sin of the Jews. He will only want to know a few things, that the Jew trusts in Hashem, one hundred percent, and that he believes and loves Hashem one hundred percent, and that he wants to be good, that he wants to be close to Hashem, that he wants the connection, that he wants to be a real-Jew and to leave the World-of-the-Lie.

Q. When He will destroy two-thirds of the world, what will become of all the Jews who are located there?

A. That I can't say precisely, but it will be very hard. There will be big warnings now, shortly there will be big warnings. We need to pray that the Jews will understand that the time has arrived to get up. Even though there is the rule-of-the-evildoers there, but in any case there doesn't remain much time, and it is the time this moment to come here [to Israel].

Q. It's a big trial for them to leave everything and to come here...

A. Hashem is already taking care of it. There will be a situation that they will receive the hardest warnings in order that they will begin to move. A week ago, within one week there were four incidents of attacks on Jews, in Brooklyn! It's not the usual thing in recent years.

[To be continued, iy"H]


  1. Can't read the Hebrew in the above link. Can you paraphrase?

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  4. In my situation, oh how I wish that Hashem would give all of us here a very clear sign. A Sign that the purest and simple amongst us will understand.

    Just wondering what I missed. Which 4 attacks in Brooklyn??

    Sarah G K

    1. You mean take away free will? It's not gonna happen. See my next blog post.

    2. The signs are plenty clear.

      And even besides that, it's a nicer life over here. So much more Jewish. More nature. More playgrounds. Way less materialism. Come even if the world isn't collapsing.