16 March 2015

The Law is a Blessing, Not a Curse

25 Adar 5775

No one should call himself a Jew if he is unwilling to live by the Law.

You shall observe My statutes and My ordinances, which a man shall do and live by them. I am the Lord. (Vayikra 18:5)

Christianity came and said that the Law kills and too many of our people have assimilated this warped idea. They let their hearts rule their heads and they want to loosen restrictions and even circumvent the pure intent of Torah law in accordance with their own emotions and what they feel is right. 

In this way, they accept that children of Jewish fathers and non-Jewish mothers are Jews and accept that Arabs may be citizens of a Jewish State and even rule over it! And many other treif concepts.

The universe operates according to immutable physical laws and society functions most efficiently when it is being run according to just laws. 

We are the People of the Book of Divine Laws. All matters of importance must be decided in keeping with those Divine Laws and not according to feelings of the heart which the Creator Himself said through the Prophet Yirmiyahu "is deceitful above all things." (Yirmiyahu 17:9)

Pure chesed is likened to water which unrestrained wreaks havoc and destruction wherever it goes. 

A world apart from Law is chaos and anarchy. Do your part to uphold the Law. Be a champion for Torah Law - strengthen it wherever it appears to be weak. Proclaim it in the face of every opposition to it. 

It is our most precious gift.