05 March 2015

Is Iran's Supreme Leader on His Deathbed?

14 Adar 5775

What a week this has been with the news focused on 'Persia' more than any other Purim in memory!

Report: Ali Khamenei was hospitalized in serious condition at a hospital in Tehran

Is Iran's spiritual leader and the strongest man in the Islamic Republic Ali Khamenei on his deathbed? Arab media reported Tuesday that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei 76-year-old was rushed to hospital urgently in Tehran and was hospitalized in serious condition after some body systems collapsed. Khamenei reportedly underwent surgery and his condition is critical.

Khamenei recently reported that prostate cancer has spread all over his body and following the serious illness and serious medical condition almost does not take part in public events.


  1. Definitely a focus on Persia.

    Purim Same'ah!

  2. Oh please, oh please oh please. Hashem, please let this pere adom rasha be judged to the fullest extent of the law.

  3. It's a sign! Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the demonic creature, to be taken away on the occasion of Purim. But a more powerful king will arise in Persia to terrorise the world and Israel. He will have the same fate as Haman. Yom HaDin is here!

  4. Something strikes me as strange about the photo. Laying in a hospital bed, hooked up to tubes and wires and seemingly asleep/unconscious/anesthetized -- but with his glasses on? Just instinctively seems "off" to me....

    1. As a registered nurse, I worked in an intensive care unit as well as a surgical recovery area. It is not at all uncommon for patients to wear their glasses in bed. There is no reason to assume from the picture that he is "asleep, unconscious/anesthetized." You're seeing what you want to see. Because of the glasses, my assumption would be that he is conscious. Since a picture was taken, we know he had visitors. All the more reason to have his glasses on.

  5. Don't forget this:

    Menachem (Elul 5775): "...we will arrive to Purim, and on Purim, this is the time of Haman's fall. Then, the wicked one who was placed over us, he will also go away. He will go away - and not bother us any more."

  6. Yes! He's DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!
    I felt it on Shabbos.