18 March 2015

Post-Election Analysis

27 Adar 5775

It appears at this writing that Yachad will not enter the Knesset and I am - relieved. I wanted them to win and I didn't. You know? What I really, really want is Mashiach! 

I think that Yachad was created by HKB"H to separate those who are faithful to Him so they could be removed, allowing for a purely Erev Rav government to take power. Now, it can fall and be replaced by Mashiach.

Purim is over. Now, the masks can come off. Geulah Girl thinks that Netanyahu and Obama will find new common ground and become "friends." For sure, the right-wing has been set up for a great disappointment as they will see that the overwhelming victory they gave to Likud (if in fact they did) will result in the very tragedies they were voting against. How else will Am Yisrael learn that the Erev Rav are pure evil and that HKB"H is our only hope of national salvation?

Gam zu l'tov!!  Baruch Hashem!!

(PS: Notice how Moshe Feiglin was removed as well.)

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  1. Agree with everything you wrote here. May the Geulah come swiftly and with great rachamim aleinu v'al kol bnei Yisrael.