29 March 2015

God Speaks Through the Weather

10 Nisan 5775

Tehillim 148:8 - "Fire and hail, snow and vapor, a storm wind, performing His word."

What is He saying? "It ain't gonna be business as usual on planet Earth anymore!"

63.5°F in Antarctica: Possible Continental Record; 14 Years of Rain in 1 Day in Chile

...A new all-time temperature record for an entire continent is a rare event,.... Unwelcome rains fell this week in Earth's driest place--Chile's Atacama Desert--causing destructive flooding ...received a deluge of 24.4 mm (0.96 inches) during the 24 hour period ending at 8 am EDT March 26. That's over fourteen years of rain in one day!   (See video here.)

March heat shatters records in bone-dry Los Angeles

...This is the first March since record-keeping began in 1877 that has had six days with highs in the 90s or above in Los Angeles.   (See more on LA at the new blog GeulaWatch.)

Welcome to the ‘Double El Niño’ — and more extreme weather

...We’re about to experience a “double El Niño” — a rare weather phenomenon that climatologists had warned about several months ago. That means two consecutive years of the concentration of warm water in the Pacific Ocean that brings West Coast storms, quiet hurricane seasons in the Atlantic and busy ones in the Pacific. The danger is that this could mean more than a few months of odd weather, but instead usher in a new phase of climate change. Last year was the warmest year on record; 2015 looks set to be even warmer. “One way of thinking about global warming from the human influences is that it’s not just a gradual increase, but perhaps it’s more like a staircase, and we’re about to go up an extra step to a new level,” says climate scientist Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research.


  1. and here in ny we sit in freezing weather early in the spring
    it feels quite unnatural like nature is broken

    1. "...like nature is broken"- I imagine that's just how the Egyptians felt.