22 March 2015

Daniel: "We're Not Prophets"

3 Nisan 5775

Message from Daniel
Jerusalem, 17 Adar 5775

We're Not Prophets

Question: We received a number of complaints that the messages are not taking place, what's your opinion?

Answer: I'll explain the situation. We are brain-damaged, autistics, or however you would call us, we're not prophets, but even what the prophets foretold - not everything is taking place. [Negative prophecies can be cancelled.] We receive a message like for example: Stop, that's it, we're finished communicating. And after a period of time we receive a new message that we need to give over to the world, and we have to do it, we don't know why...

We receive messages about the future. It's like many great tzadikim, people above and beyond, very important Jews, giant Torah scholars - also say things, tell times - that in the end they're not fulfilled. The eternal plan of HKB"H gives several possibilities. We don't know the explanation completely, but we know one thing: Already for more than twenty years, people like us, have been warning the whole world that there will be things very much like what's happening now. Twenty years ago no one would believe in it, but it's a fact that it's happening. We're not prophets, we're not at that level, that's how Hashem decided that it needed to be, like it's written in the Gemara that it would be like this (Bava Batra 12). That there would be people like us (idiots) and children that Hashem will give them knowledge, but not complete knowledge, sometimes it's complete and sometimes it's not complete. And why? I don't know all the reasons, but one of the reasons is to give us an opening to decide for ourselves (free will), to see the truth for ourselves, without the influences of the Erev Rav world, the Amalekim and the Edomim.

We need to believe in HaKadosh Baruch Hu completely, and it doesn't matter if we will know the date of the geulah or not. It doesn't matter if one rabbi or one autistic says something that doesn't take place, it matters if we are waiting 100% for Mashiach.

The funniest of all these things is that on one hand there are understanding people who have trust in Hashem, they understand what I'm saying without saying something, they themselves already understand it, indeed it doesn't always come about the way we want or like we think or understand from the words, (on the other hand) there are people who believe in autistics and in all kinds of other people, but don't believe in Hashem.

An autistic or any other person can't be right 100% of the time in what he says, but he has to be real. If he warns the Jews and requires them to do teshuvah and says that something hard needs to occur and it doesn't happen - it doesn't matter. But, he's really a 'heretic' if he says that the world is rosy and happy, and that everything will be okay and it will be so good in This-World, and not to worry when we see clearly that the world is not like this, and the world is confused and the evildoers are pushing the countries of the world to a war like there never was in historyand also contaminating and degrading the holiness of Jews and all the world.

We say a simple thing. We've been saying it already twenty years. Whether it was me or Ben (Binyamin Golden) or Menachem or Moishelah, etc. In the beginning, when we started to speak - it was hard to believe! The world was a place of money, money, money, gelt... that is what was most important. It was a world where every material thing was important above and beyond every other spiritual thing. It was a world that lived the stories of movies, of television, fantasies, etc. A confusing world of life in a movie, a world chasing after materialism, a world of jokes - but, without happiness.

It was hard to believe that there could be in another twenty years a world so frightening and threatening to all our existence like it is now. Don't believe that there are many people in the world, like today - after all the wars, the attacks, ISIS, the disappearance of airplanes, etc. who don't know what's happening in the world, except perhaps for people who live in a remote place who don't know what's happening in the world, but most know that the world is the most frightening, that we are standing on the threshold of a war like there never was before.

There is a huge group of evil people who reincarnated again to this world, in order to arrive at the final war between good and evil, and it most certainly will be. Exactly when? I don't know, and also Ben doesn't know, and also Moishelah doesn't know, and also Menachem doesn't know. No one knows, only HKB"H knows, but one thing is clear - it will be in just a little while. It won't take much time. The world is trembling from all directions. It won't be much more time. The world is falling apart, and every smart person who knows what's happening in the world - knows that it's true. There are many people who live in fantasies, we are not to blame for it. But, Jews - the strongest message is: It doesn't matter when it will be, but it's worthwhile for all of us to take ourselves in hand and to do complete teshuvah so that we will be able to get through all these sufferings in relative ease. It will be most frightening, and all the twenty years that we spoke - this is the message that we were giving the whole time.

But,  people want facts: Which day will it be... at which hour... how will this war be... but, Hashem doesn't reveal it... a detail for what was written in the prophecies of the prophets. A Jew who learns can find exactly what needs to be, however, it also doesn't need to be exact because sometimes there are several versions and only one of them will be the right one. In which hard way will this world fall? Two-thirds will fall powerfully, will be destroyed, that's without a doubt, and it doesn't matter how - it matters what we are doing to survive.

Again:  I repeat and repeat and repeat - and it's the message of all of us all these years, and it won't change: return in repentance, return to HKB"H, throw away the golden calf, live only with the materialism that is necessary to live because how will it not be that Hashem will take from us all the unnecessary materialism. And whoever leans upon the unnecessary materialism will suffer tremendously. He can't live without it.

We're getting to the moment when it will disappear and we will have to be satisfied with a roof over our heads and the minimal amount of food to eat, etc.

Whoever believes in HKB"H knows that we will be redeemed, every real-Jew whose neshamah stood at Har Sinai and said "na'aseh v'nishmah" - this neshamah will be redeemed. Hashem won't allow any real-Jewish soul to be lost. And every Erev-Rav will disappear from reality. And it's a thing that all of us know, but the world forgets about it. The Jews themselves forget about it. Jews don't want to leave the materialism. Not everyone, B"H, there are many, many Jews who really want to come close to HKB"H and to remove as much as possible the materialism that is spoiling us. It's impossible to walk down the chareidi street without (images of) immorality, rudeness, superficial and irrelevant talk and people who are wandering around the street licking ice cream. It's impossible to walk without seeing shops, restaurants filled with chareidim for whom these places are not suitable at all.

And the Jews who want to receive Mashiach much more easily, have to go up spiritually. Only a spiritual person will be able to get through what's about to be - easier, happier.

This is the message we have been giving all the years, sometimes this way and sometimes another way, it's the basis and it's the message.

And if Moishelah writes that 'at Hanukah we will feel like the Macabim', he means the situation of the Macabim before they went out to war. The Macabim did not just for no reason go out to war, previously they [Greeks] imposed on them all kinds of laws that were against the Torah, and exactly the same thing happened this Hanukah in Eretz Yisrael, they brought down here upon the faithful chareidi Jews laws which, Hashem yishmor, making us feel threatened from the Erev Rav exactly like in the time of the Macabim. And afterwards Purim. He spoke about a rasha like Haman, worse than Haman, who we would need to be saved from, so Moishelah said. But, that's our situation! We have several evildoers upon us, that we need to be rid of them, and whoever sees the truth - sees it exactly. I won't tell their names, for people who know truth - they're very familiar. There are among them gentiles and there are among them so-called "Jews." And Moishelah also wrote: "And then will come the Passover holiday, and we will be a worn-out exhausted group of frayed people when we sit down around the table on leil haseder, with matzah and wine that Hashem will send to us in a miraculous way" (within the message of Moishelah that has the title: "I Have Been Given Permission to Reveal to You Future Events") Most of the chareidim in Israel are poor. They barely have the money to buy food the regular way all year, they barely have money for the rent, so from where will they have money to take out for food, wine, matzot, etc and etc?... Hashem will take care of them by a miracle that it should be for them like every year...

This year we will be more broken. Why? Because the world is going to come down upon us hard and strong, on the Jews especially,and on the chareidim especially. Outside of Israel - the gentiles are doing it, and in Israel - the Erev Rav are doing it. And when he says that there will be Jews who will really see Eliyahu HaNavi, but it still won't be the geulah, what does it mean? It means that the world will be in such a situation that whoever has enough faith-trust in HKB"H, he will be able to see Eliyahu HaNavi and if not with his eyes - then he will be able to feel him, to recognize him, to recognize that he is the messenger heralding the coming of our righteous Mashiach.

To reach this - it's very important, because a Jew who doesn't wait for Mashiach is in very big trouble. Every Jew needs to wait for Mashiach, and whoever does not believe that Eliyahu HaNavi will come to herald it, that Mashiach is coming, then he will miss the geulah shleimah, c"v. I'm concerned that apparently it will be a very difficult situation until Passover from all kinds of directions, for Jews as well as for the world in general. We will need a lot of strength and we will be despairing. The truth, I think that everyone already needed to be despairing in this world. And whoever doesn't see that the world is in danger, that the world is falling apart from all sides, doesn't see the evil that's flowing from all sides - I pity him. Whoever feels that he needs to fly to Thailand to have 'fun', I pity him. He's wasting the time that he could devote and his powers for doing teshuvah, to draw close to Hashem. He's empty, therefore he's looking for all kinds of experiences from outside his internalness.

And that's it. It's our regular message as always, and for all those who come back and ask: 'Why not this and why not here', I'm sure that they don't understand the message at all. I hope that my message is clear. To people of truth I'm sure there is no question about it at all and people of the lie - even if they supposedly read what we're saying, they don't understand it, they have no basis to understand it, that's the explanation and that's the truth.

I bless all Am Yisrael that we will be able to do complete teshuvah, and in the merit of this complete teshuvah - Hashem will have mercy upon us and we will receive our righteous Mashiach in happiness.


  1. Agree with what Daniel wrote here. Just shows how uninformed many Jews are in regard to their own history,Torah and Judaism,in general, that they don't know the difference between what our prophets of old foretold and the signs that the autistics are getting in order to awaken our people. Even the average Jewishly informed Jew sees what has transpired in the last two decades (since Oslo) and how we are nearing the end of days and the coming of Moshiach. Every day the news is a giveaway to the changes taking place at lightening speed. The only thing we need to rely on is emunah in H' and His holy Torah, where everything is spelled out. No one or no entity,nothing can stop the Creator's Will and it is all written in our holy Torah. Netzach Yisrael lo y'shaker (the eternity of Israel is no lie). Jews against Israel and the Jewish people are really against G-D, just as amaleikim are. They need to wake up. Boruch

  2. Excellent. Notice they say there are people who understand what they're saying without them saying it. There are people who are really in tune with what HaShem is doing and with what he wants from us. Those people are the ones who are interested in only the truth to the utmost; people who put the truth above comforts, fitting in, habits, and even family. These are the people who hear the autistic messages and hear what true tzadikim, true rabbis say, and get what they're saying because they just know it to be true.

  3. Daniel is right in what he says about Chanuka, but it doesn't explain all of Moishele's words: "... when we come to Chanuka we are going to have very great spiritual happenings that will remind us of the Maccabim, that will remind us of our greatness, etc...."

    I think this happened when Eli Yishai formed his Yachad party just days before Chanuka. Anyway, that's how I felt when someone came trying to make unity around the Torah with Torah-minded Jews of all groups.

    - a voice in the wilderness

  4. Shofar blasts on Pesach? Look at Zecharia 9:14 about Shofar blasts and HaShem going to Teiman like a stormwind. It is the last of the verses in Shofarot from Nevi'im on Rosh HaShanah. And it follows the verse about the ingathering of Russian and Ethiopian Jews (ovdim b'Eretz Asher and nidachim b'Eretz Mitzraim) from the year 5750 in accordance with the Vilna Gaon that a shofar blast would be associated with that year. So this is the last shofar blast from Navi coming up.


  5. יד וַיהוָה עֲלֵיהֶם יֵרָאֶה, וְיָצָא כַבָּרָק חִצּוֹ; וַאדֹנָי יְהוִה בַּשּׁוֹפָר יִתְקָע, וְהָלַךְ בְּסַעֲרוֹת תֵּימָן. 14 And the LORD shall be seen over them, and His arrow shall go forth as the lightning; and the Lord GOD will blow the shofar, and will go with whirlwinds of Teiman.

    1. Why does Rashi interpret "Teiman" as "south"?

    2. because Teiman is south of Eretz Yisrael. 1. Yet, if the direction Darom (South) had been intended solely as a direction, the more commonly used term for South of Eretz Yisrael, Negbah, would have been used (See Bereishit 28). So Teiman refers both to South and the place Teiman.

      2. Also if the direction Toward the South had been what is solely meant, it would say Negbah or Teimanah, but it says Teiman (again meaning both South of Eretz Yisrael and the place Teiman)

    3. In short is does mean South and Teiman the place at the same time. Just a note though, Teiman is south of Eretz Yisrael if one follows the shore of the Red Sea which actually slants to the south/ southeast of the Gulf of Eilat and of the Strait of Tiran. Teiman is not due South of Eretz Yisrael, but it is in a primarily southerly direction.

    4. Oh, additionally, The southernmost tip of the Red Sea, Edom's Sea, is Teiman. Usually lands south of Eretz Yisrael are ascribed to Yishmael's malkhut, but in ancient times Edom was south of Eretz Yisrael along the Red Sea.

    5. Thanks for clarifying that, Dov. So, you're saying that the war in Yemen is tantamount to a shofar blast?

  6. I think that the pasuk uses the word Sa'arot (stormwinds or storms) in the plural meaning that this war which is beginning in Teiman between the United Sunni forces lead by Saudi Arabia against the Shi'ite forces lead by Persia will quickly multiply out of control to encompass the entire south of Eretz Yisrael (to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia), to Oman and the U.A.E. to the east and across the Bab-el- Mandeb Strait to Djbouti, Eritrea, and Somalia to the west. The West (Edom) will have to get involved in this conflict once it becomes so extensive. For one, the War will disrupt world commerce through the Suez Canal which uses this Strait to travel between the West and the Indian Ocean and the Far East.

    It will be the beginning of the Final War of Redemption and will therefore be precipitated by a Shofar blast in Shamayim.