19 March 2015

Just One Possible Scenario

28 Adar 5775

Who: Codenames - Q,R,S,T
What: NWO planning meeting
Time: Not too distant past
Place: Secret location 

Q: Top of the agenda - as usual - Israel and Palestine.

R: We've concocted an ingenious plan.

Q: Let's hear it.

R: First, we'll set up a fake political war between Netanyahu and Obama...

S: Then, we'll have Netanyahu call for new elections...

T: Then, we'll leak that Obama has sent foreign money and a special-interest group to Israel in order to undermine Netanyahu and garner support for his opposition.

Q: I see. Simple reverse psychology - the people will rally around a leader whom they perceive as under attack by foreign interests, especially one being disrespected by a foreign leader. Ok.

R: Then, we release fake poll results showing him behind, but not by so much that he can't catch up...

S: Then, we implement the old tried-and-true carrot-and-stick approach. A rally will be organized to encourage and inspire wth speeches and songs, followed by final appeals that will terrify the electorate with the thought of a possible loss.

T: To top it off, we'll make Netanyahu look so desperate to win at any cost that he is willing to retract his support for a Two-State Solution. This will be music to the ears of those ever-gullible settlers.

Q: Ah, that's the clincher indeed. And when he wins BIG, as only we can ensure...

R: That's right! Obama will now be 'justified' in giving US support to a new UN resolution demanding Israel's return to the peace process.

Q: But, unlike the Palestinians who were never held accountable for electing Hamas in a free and open election in Gaza, the Israelis will be blamed for their own fate - having 'elected' war over peace. I like it!

S: Of course, the endgame is the same as the rest of the Middle East - start a war, intervene, take control.

T: Another gain from this election is that it gave us an opportunity through the use of social media to identify who any troublemakers might be when the time comes to fully implement the plan.

Q: Good job! I'm sure I'll have no trouble selling this plan up top. It really is ingenious. Heh! Heh! Heh!