19 March 2015

Just One Possible Scenario

28 Adar 5775

Who: Codenames - Q,R,S,T
What: NWO planning meeting
Time: Not too distant past
Place: Secret location 

Q: Top of the agenda - as usual - Israel and Palestine.

R: We've concocted an ingenious plan.

Q: Let's hear it.

R: First, we'll set up a fake political war between Netanyahu and Obama...

S: Then, we'll have Netanyahu call for new elections...

T: Then, we'll leak that Obama has sent foreign money and a special-interest group to Israel in order to undermine Netanyahu and garner support for his opposition.

Q: I see. Simple reverse psychology - the people will rally around a leader whom they perceive as under attack by foreign interests, especially one being disrespected by a foreign leader. Ok.

R: Then, we release fake poll results showing him behind, but not by so much that he can't catch up...

S: Then, we implement the old tried-and-true carrot-and-stick approach. A rally will be organized to encourage and inspire wth speeches and songs, followed by final appeals that will terrify the electorate with the thought of a possible loss.

T: To top it off, we'll make Netanyahu look so desperate to win at any cost that he is willing to retract his support for a Two-State Solution. This will be music to the ears of those ever-gullible settlers.

Q: Ah, that's the clincher indeed. And when he wins BIG, as only we can ensure...

R: That's right! Obama will now be 'justified' in giving US support to a new UN resolution demanding Israel's return to the peace process.

Q: But, unlike the Palestinians who were never held accountable for electing Hamas in a free and open election in Gaza, the Israelis will be blamed for their own fate - having 'elected' war over peace. I like it!

S: Of course, the endgame is the same as the rest of the Middle East - start a war, intervene, take control.

T: Another gain from this election is that it gave us an opportunity through the use of social media to identify who any troublemakers might be when the time comes to fully implement the plan.

Q: Good job! I'm sure I'll have no trouble selling this plan up top. It really is ingenious. Heh! Heh! Heh!


  1. Yachad – Ha’am Itanu, by means of Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir, filed an immediate petition to the Central Elections Committee, stating its concerns that Tuesday’s elections were riddled with ballot tampering, falsification and voter biasing.

    Yachad did not pass the voting threshold by a mere 11,000 votes.

    -a voice in the wilderness

  2. NOW it all makes sense...!

  3. Its easy to create this scenario in hindsight; maybe you could extrapolate a little into the coming machinations? Who are the "powers" making Netanyahu Fall in line? What is QRST?

    1. Question 1: I wish I could see the future, but alas... I guess they plan to invade and take over at some point, but I guess that will be Gog and Magog then.

      Question 2: The NWO big wigs, otherwise known as the reincarnation of the generations of the Flood and the Tower of Bavel (wasn't Nimrod ruling then???).

      Question 3: I just thought Q,R,S,T was more interesting than A,B,C,D. ;-)

  4. BTW any info from Moishela or Binyomin?

  5. Just one problem. You forgot the big speech in Washington.

    - a voice in the wilderness

    1. Right you are. How could I have forgotten? Well, it was clearly planned for just before the election to ramp up expectations and pressures to a fever pitch. Israelis clearly were meant to feel that their Prime Minister was embattled and struggling to represent their safety and security issues even at political risk. This would in turn engender feelings of loyalty and gratitude in the electorate. Don't know how much it succeeded and in what quarters, but it was pure manipulation.

  6. Yes, that's the mind game. it's being played all the time: problem-reaction-solution, a theater indeed.

  7. And don't forget how el Presidente enacted an executive order to allow for amnesty for illegals to bring in more Democrats into the voting base, and is now advocating for mandatory voting to ensure that those who tend not to vote (lower-income young people, i.e. Democrats) are forced to vote.

    It's not even so secret anymore.

    1. Yaak,

      I remember in elementary school, being taught how mandatory voting in the Soviet Union was oppressive. True, there was only one candidate, at the time.

      I believe that this differentiation will used to push it through. Seems to me like an infringement upon citizens' First Amendment rights, if nothing else. But, what do I know?

  8. We're back to flip flop Bibi, now he wants a 2 state solution. What a lying skizo

  9. Hi. There's a new message from Dani and I've come to rely (and appreciate!) on your translation. Will you be doing that?

    Sarah G K

    1. I saw it and read through it. I hope to get started on it motzaei"sh. I can summarize it now. He responds to those who keep asking for a date for the geulah and / or complaining that their words do not come true exactly as understood by some people by saying that he and the other autistic messengers are not prophets. He says that those who are about truth understand the messages and that their message has been consistent for twenty years - do teshuvah, let go of the gashmiut, cling to Hashem, geulah is almost here. He says the state of the world bears this out.

      "I'm concerned that as it appears, it will be a very hard situation until Pesach from all kinds of directions... (this was 3 days after Purim) ...for Jews and for the world in general. We will need a lot of strength and we will be despairing."

      I think that's the only remark he made about current events. But, b'ezrat Hashem, I'll get the whole thing up as soon as possible.

  10. I think that this scenario is pretty much on the mark.

  11. I study the #gloablistagenda quite a bit (I call them the "Tower of Bavel Generation" re-born * due to the appearance of the U.N.) - This is not one possible senario - THIS IS EXACTLY THE SENARIO~!~!~!