02 March 2015

Daniel: "Better Than Gan Eden!" - Part 2

12 Adar 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Daniel
Jerusalem, 19 Shevat 5775

"Better Than Gan Eden!"

...We've heard from all that everyone is writing about our situation, the hard situation - truly hard, and we need to know it, because only when we will feel what a hard situation we are in, then maybe we will wake up and scream to Heaven, and we will understand what's most important and what's less important. That the main thing - it's holiness, and the unimportant thing - it's big, expensive weddings full of immorality. We need to know what a catastrophic situation we are in, in order to know that we need to scream to Heaven. But, now, I think that each one already can know, and if a person doesn't want to know, then it's possible to read our communications once again, it's possible to contact the number (the telephone center) there it's possible to hear all our communications, to look at the prophecies which almost every one has already taken place, and only the end still hasn't taken place. And it will be in just a little bit, with G-d's help.

I just want to tell you how to save yourselves.

First thing, as we've told you many times - Hashem won't leave behind any real Jewish soul. Every soul that stood at Har Sinai - will be saved, and it doesn't matter how far away she is, this soul is dearest to HKB"H, and Hashem won't abandon her under absolutely no circumstances. But, whoever is far away and doesn't want to know, doesn't want to make a connection with HKB"H, but his soul is the soul of a real Jew, Hashem will save him, Hashem will drag him by force, He will beat him, He will bring him up, He will bring him down, He will bring him up again, until he will accept and will understand that Hashem is the Almighty, until he will connect this most important connection with HKB"H, until he will believe that Hashem created everything, including this same Jew as well as his soul, until he will feel his soul, until this soul will yearn to connect with his foundation - HKB"H. And so, every real Jew will be saved.

There are Erev Rav, and in every Jew there is a bit of Erev Rav, because the Erev Rav mixed in all of Am Yisrael. The Erev Rav didn't stand beneath Har Sinai. When HKB"H raised Har Sinai above Am Yisrael, the Erev Rav stood on the side and did not enter beneath Har Sinai and say "na'aseh v'nishmah." They were never really a part of Am Yisrael. Indeed they melded within the people and were 'part', but only superficially. According to the law, they are Jews, but they - no. They are Erev Rav nevertheless. And this Erev Rav, that the majority of their essence is Erev Rav - will disappear. And we've said this many times. It should be clear. They will disappear together with all the evildoers. At a certain stage it will appear to us like the evildoers are winning, but Hashem will turn everything upside down, Mashiach will arrive, everything will turn upside down and we will see the complete redemption.

But, we, Am Yisrael, in order to reach it - we have to scream to Heaven, to seclude ourselves with Hashem. We can't  fight against these evildoers face-to-face, we're too weak, we don't have the strength, they're very strong, but not from a spiritual point of view. In this we are stronger. But, from an aggressive point of view, bodily strength, strength of all kinds of weapons, bombs, etc., - we don't have. We're just a small group 'tiny' of real Jews in this world. But, we're with Hashem, and if we're with Hashem then they can't defeat us. They can't. Therefore, in order to be saved from this suffering, we have to scream to HaKadosh Baruch Hu and beg with all our essence that Hashem will forgive us, and to say Vidui. We need to ask from HKB"H to help us to connect with Him a strong connection, that Hashem won't blame us and won't  punish us for all our sins, that Hashem will help us to do teshuvah and to be holy, again, without a stain on the soul. We need to cry and request - forgiveness as well as closeness, and the moment we begin to remove all the klipot that are stuck to us and break the barrier that separates between us and HKB"H - then we can again become joined to our Source. And this will be better than Gan Eden!

(To be continued into one more part, G-d willing)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your translation.
I wait Dani, Moishele Benjamin, etc articles, because I get a lot of jizuk from them but unfortunately I forgot the Hebrew I studied in school many years ago.
Toda Raba for your great work!