04 March 2015

A Message From The Kalever Rebbe For Purim 5775

13 Adar 5775
Ta'anit Esther

What’s The Solution For The Iranian-Persian Threat?

...As we approach Purim, we find, amazingly, that the dangers we face today uncannily mirror those of antiquity, and the lessons of the Purim narrative and the miraculous salvation delivered “in those days, during this season,” provide much instruction for us to integrate and practice in our time as well.

...The events of Purim, which transpired some 2,500 years ago, were centered in ancient Persia, the site of modern day Iran. The evil Viceroy Haman conspired with King Achashveirosh to commit genocide on all Jews living within the Persian Empire, comprising 127 provinces, most of the known world at that time. What triggered that terrible decree? What had the Jews done to deserve total annihilation at that time?

In fact, this very question was posed by the Rabbis of the Talmud (Megillah 12a). One of the answers given is that the Jews of that generation were guilty of having participated in, and having derived pleasure from, the grand royal party thrown by Acahashverosh to celebrate his enduring rule over his vast empire. In partaking of this extravagant bacchanalia, the Jews had betrayed their heritage, history and, most grievously, the teachings of Hashem’s most precious gift to them, Torah and Mitzvos.

Celebrating Achashveirosh’s sovereignty and enjoying his largesse reflected their desire to get close to the King and gain acceptance in secular society. This diminished Jewish loyalty and fealty to Hashem, the King of Kings, and represented a denial of the recognition that all of our needs are provided for by Him alone and not some pagan King of flesh and blood.

Furthermore, the Talmud relates that Achashveirosh utilized the vessels of the plundered Bais HaMikdash (Holy Temple) to serve his guests at the party. In addition to profaning the holy vessels through immoral usage, reveling in such a party the demonstrated that the Jews no longer held out hope, or worse, had no desire for the Temple’s eventual reconstruction!

...Valiantly, fighting against this ruinous trend stood one man, Mordechai the Jew, who remained steadfast in his belief and commitment to Torah true Judaism. He strongly admonished the Jews not to join the feast and to resist the temptations of assimilation into Persian society. Alas, they did not heed his call.

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  1. You can argue that the terrifying event predicted by the autistics happened last night. Netanyahu came to Congress and outlined the Iranian threat. Obama not only failed to send a single member of his cabinet but attacked Netanyahu afterwards. Additionally, 40 members of Congress, democrats, boycotted the speech.

    I think it's arguable that Obama wants to see Iran get the bomb. That's Amalek with the bomb, chas v'shalom.

    I'm officially terrified.

    1. Binyamin said we'll "feel Purim very strongly." Judging by all the press on Persia and it's desire to wipe us off the map and getting the means to carry it out as well as all the op-eds comparing Netanyahu to Esther and even Mordechai - it does feel very much Purim.