03 March 2015

Daniel: "Better Than Gan Eden!" - Part 3

12 Adar 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Daniel
Jerusalem, 19 Shevat 5775

"Better Than Gan Eden!"

...Therefore, I ask you, why suffer?!... Now, now! Try, do, leave the materialism, leave it, in a little bit there won't be money! We will need to have trust only in Hashem - and not in anything else. We already know that all the matters of the doctors, the hospitals, the national insurance, the politics and heads of state - everything lie, lie, lie... Only on HKB"H is it possible to depend - and not anything else. We're trusting only in HKB"H, the Master of the World, and we have no power without it. We're a small people, 'tiny', like I said - we don't have power, but if we are with HKB"H - there's nothing in the world that can defeat us, not in this world or any world. But, we need to want, to want to leave the golden calf, to want to go up spiritually and leave the materialism, to seclude ourselves from the world of lies around us, to close ourselves within our homes, synagogues, and study halls, and not allow the evildoers to attract us to their lies. And if we will do this - then we will have eternity. Eternity - that every day, at every moment, we will have enjoyment and real happiness greater than the moment before, because we will come closer and closer to HKB"H until we will become one with Him.

I can't explain exactly what will be in the World to Come, only a bit of it am I able to tell. What I am able to tell is that it needs to be something 'above and beyond', something that now we don't have the spiritual tools and ability to understand it, but when we will reach it, we will be healthy and whole in body and soul, we will be so clean from all the dirt and klipot that was stuck on us from the first-sin until the great and awesome day and just this feeling of purity will be like Gan Eden! And much more than this awaits us in a world without the evil inclination.

Abba, I yearn so much to see it already, and I know that also every real Jew yearns for it, and now, Abba, we need to separate ourselves from the gentiles, from the goyishness, from the immorality, and from all things hated by HKB"H, and to try to do only His will, us as well as our spouse, as well as our fathers and mothers, also our children and our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren. Again: Go into our 'as-if-ghettos', put a barrier between us and the world, and return to the Torah of Moshe like it needs to be: in purity and in holiness.

Q. What is the meaning of screaming to Hashem?

A. First thing, every Jew has to make an accounting with himself, to recall all of his sins, even the unintentional ones, and also, Hashem protect us, to recall the sins that were done intentionally. He needs to go over each sin, and do teshuvah with a broken heart and many tears, with a tremendous desire to do teshuvah, with heartache over the sorrow that he caused to HKB"H because of his sins. And then, he needs to ask HKB"H for forgiveness for every Jew, male and female, adults and children. For all Am Yisrael. To ask from HKB"H to forgive and to tell how much Am Yisrael tries to be good, say to HKB"H how hard it is to be a Jew now, after almost two thousand years of exile - Am Yisrael is still putting on tefillin, keeping Shabbat and kashrut, praying, celebrating the holidays, many are speaking Yiddish to distinguish themselves from the gentiles, the yeshivas are full of young men learning, etc, and even though it's very hard - the young couples are ready to birth child after child however hard it is financially, to raise them, and marry them off. Raising them in the way of the Torah and ready to raise however many children, and there are families who have even twenty children!

We need to speak and to tell (to HKB"H) the good things that there are about Am Yisrael. We know that we are the lowest generation, and despite this we want to be good, want to do Hashem's will, but the world confuses us and brings us down. We're screaming to Heaven so Hashem will save us, so He won't forget us. After all the years in exile - we didn't forget HKB"H, we're weak - and only You, Hashem, can save us. Request from HKB"H that all Am Yisrael will merit to receive our righteous Mashiach, and that we will merit the World to Come of Mashiach. Next year in the Beit Hamikdash!


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  1. Thank you for these messages from Moishela, Binyamin and Daniel that uplift and comfort in this of craziest of times. May H' bless us that we merit the coming of Moshiach Tzdkeinu in a blink of an eye, b'rachamim rabim!