02 March 2015

Daniel: "Better Than Gan Eden!"

11 Adar 5775

I apologize to anyone who might be offended by my publishing the messages from Daniel's website. This blog is the place where I share what is meaningful to me and these messages resound with meaning for me and, if my mail is to be believed, for many others as well.

I felt this warning was too important to wait until the whole thing was finished before posting, so it will go up in two parts, iy"H.

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Daniel
Jerusalem, 19 Shevat 5775

"Better Than Gan Eden!"

Abba, the world is becoming crazier and crazier, insane, I don't know, I don't have enough suitable words to describe the mess in the world. We're seeing in every place the evilness coming out, being revealed, going out in huge amounts, and already it's almost impossible to believe in anyone. They're lying to us from every direction. I don't have words to describe it. I didn't dream, even though I knew that we are before the complete redemption, but I didn't understand that it would be so confusing, so bad, that people would lie, make a show and bring the world to an economic collapse, that they could go into our bank accounts and simply take out what they want. Who would believe that neo-nazi movements are rising again today in countries like: Germany, America, England, France, Australia, etc., and causing antisemitism above and beyond together with the Muslims. Who could believe that there would be a group chopping off heads like butchers, and using their imagination to cause death in such a harsh way as they did with the Jordanian pilot - they burned him alive inside a cage. We've already forgotten that this is how Catholics murdered Jews who weren't ready to become Christians. Who would believe that in our days such violent murderous incidents would occur, and without shame - the murderers photograph and advertise it all over the world.

Abba, Am Yisrael sees it, and not only Am Yisrael, the whole world sees it, but most of the world is asleep and doesn't want to know. There are a few who understand what's going on, and what are the plans of the evildoers, and how they have already taken over most of the world, but they don't want to know. I don't worry for the gentiles who are the vast majority in the world, the evildoers among them will vanish, I only worry for Am Yisrael, and Am Yisrael, the majority are sleeping a deep sleep and it's hard for them to wake up. What can we do, Abba, what can we do? My heart hurts.

You know, Abba, before World War II, rabbis gathered to decide what to do, such a difficult situation, the Nazis were going to conquer the world, G-d forbid, and what were we to do?! They wanted to kill the Jews! What did they do?... So, they gathered all the most important rabbis in order to think what to do. One said to say Tehillim every day, one said to say Vidui every day, each one said something, the last to speak was the Rav of Ponevezh, ztz"l. He said this: "There's a house on fire, the flames are rising into the sky, people are running and running, and it's brought to their attention that Yankele is still inside, asleep. Yankele's asleep - and he could die, but it's impossible to enter the house because the fire is very strong, and we need to wake up Yankele. So one said: 'Let's say Tehillim', one said 'We'll ask Hashem to save him.' But, he's asleep! We don't need to do any of these things. We need to scream: 'Yankele wake up! Wake up, Yankele! Wake up! Go outside, Yankele!' It's a time before war. We're in danger. It's not enough to say Tehillim. We need to wake everyone up. They're sleeping! How can we save them? We need to scream to heaven! To cry! To scream and do teshuvah! It's the single thing that can save us!"

But, it wasn't to be, they didn't gather. Each one prayed in his heart and asked, but they didn't gather together to do teshuvah, to cry, to do the Yom Kippur Katan prayers.  No! Good, it's all from Heaven. And we are again in the same situation. Once again we are in the same situation. Yankele's asleep - and the house is burning, and there is no one who is crying out to Heaven. And Yankele - it's Ya'aqov, Am Yisrael. Correct that only Hashem can save Am Yisrael, but we have to make our efforts (do our hishtadlut), and scream to Yankele to wake up.

We've heard from all that everyone is writing about our situation, the hard situation - truly hard, and we need to know it, because only when we will feel what a hard situation we are in, then maybe we will wake up and scream to Heaven, and we will understand what's most important and what's less important. That the main thing - it's holiness, and the unimportant thing - it's big, expensive weddings full of immorality. We need to know what a catastrophic situation we are in, in order to know that we need to scream to Heaven. But, now, I think that each one already can know, and if a person doesn't want to know, then it's possible to read our communications once again, it's possible to contact the number (the telephone center) there it's possible to hear all our communications, to look at the prophecies which almost every one has already taken place, and only the end still hasn't taken place. And it will be in just a little bit, with G-d's help.

I just want to tell you how to save yourselves.

First thing, as we've told you many times - Hashem won't leave behind any real Jewish soul. Every soul that stood at Har Sinai - will be saved, and it doesn't matter how far away she is, this soul is dearest to HKB"H, and Hashem won't abandon her under absolutely no circumstances. But, whoever is far away and doesn't want to know, doesn't want to make a connection with HKB"H, but his soul is the soul of a real Jew, Hashem will save him, Hashem will drag him by force, He will beat him, He will bring him up, He will bring him down, He will bring him up again, until he will accept and will understand that Hashem is the Almighty, until he will connect this most important connection with HKB"H, until he will believe that Hashem created everything, including this same Jew as well as his soul, until he will feel his soul, until this soul will yearn to connect with his foundation - HKB"H. And so, every real Jew will be saved.

There are Erev Rav, and in every Jew there is a bit of Erev Rav, because the Erev Rav mixed in all of Am Yisrael. The Erev Rav didn't stand beneath Har Sinai. When HKB"H raised Har Sinai above Am Yisrael, the Erev Rav stood on the side and did not enter beneath Har Sinai and say "na'aseh v'nishmah." They were never really a part of Am Yisrael. Indeed they melded within the people and were 'part', but only superficially. According to the law, they are Jews, but they - no. They are Erev Rav nevertheless. And this Erev Rav, that the majority of their essence is Erev Rav - will disappear. And we've said this many times. It should be clear. They will disappear together with all the evildoers. At a certain stage it will appear to us like the evildoers are winning, but Hashem will turn everything upside down, Mashiach will arrive, everything will turn upside down and we will see the complete redemption.

But, we, Am Yisrael, in order to reach it - we have to scream to Heaven, to seclude ourselves with Hashem. We can't  fight against these evildoers face-to-face, we're too weak, we don't have the strength, they're very strong, but not from a spiritual point of view. In this we are stronger. But, from an aggressive point of view, bodily strength, strength of all kinds of weapons, bombs, etc., - we don't have. We're just a small group 'tiny' of real Jews in this world. But, we're with Hashem, and if we're with Hashem then they can't defeat us. They can't. Therefore, in order to be saved from this suffering, we have to scream to HaKadosh Baruch Hu and beg with all our essence that Hashem will forgive us, and to say Vidui. We need to ask from HKB"H to help us to connect with Him a strong connection, that Hashem won't blame us and won't  punish us for all our sins, that Hashem will help us to do teshuvah and to be holy, again, without a stain on the soul. We need to cry and request - forgiveness as well as closeness, and the moment we begin to remove all the klipot that are stuck to us and break the barrier that separates between us and HKB"H - then we can again become joined to our Source. And this will be better than Gan Eden!

Therefore, I ask you, why suffer?!... Now, now! Try, do, leave the materialism, leave it, in a little bit there won't be money! We will need to have trust only in Hashem - and not in anything else. We already know that all the matters of the doctors, the hospitals, the national insurance, the politics and heads of state - everything lie, lie, lie... Only on HKB"H is it possible to depend - and not anything else. We're trusting only in HKB"H, the Master of the World, and we have no power without it. We're a small people, 'tiny', like I said - we don't have power, but if we are with HKB"H - there's nothing in the world that can defeat us, not in this world or any world. But, we need to want, to want to leave the golden calf, to want to go up spiritually and leave the materialism, to seclude ourselves from the world of lies around us, to close ourselves within our homes, synagogues, and study halls, and not allow the evildoers to attract us to their lies. And if we will do this - then we will have eternity. Eternity - that every day, at every moment, we will have enjoyment and real happiness greater than the moment before, because we will come closer and closer to HKB"H until we will become one with Him.

I can't explain exactly what will be in the World to Come, only a bit of it am I able to tell. What I am able to tell is that it needs to be something 'above and beyond', something that now we don't have the spiritual tools and ability to understand it, but when we will reach it, we will be healthy and whole in body and soul, we will be so clean from all the dirt and klipot that was stuck on us from the first-sin until the great and awesome day and just this feeling of purity will be like Gan Eden! And much more than this awaits us in a world without the evil inclination.

Abba, I yearn so much to see it already, and I know that also every real Jew yearns for it, and now, Abba, we need to separate ourselves from the gentiles, from the goyishness, from the immorality, and from all things hated by HKB"H, and to try to do only His will, us as well as our spouse, as well as our fathers and mothers, also our children and our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren. Again: Go into our 'as-if-ghettos', put a barrier between us and the world, and return to the Torah of Moshe like it needs to be: in purity and in holiness.

Q. What is the meaning of screaming to Hashem?

A. First thing, every Jew has to make an accounting with himself, to recall all of his sins, even the unintentional ones, and also, Hashem protect us, to recall the sins that were done intentionally. He needs to go over each sin, and do teshuvah with a broken heart and many tears, with a tremendous desire to do teshuvah, with heartache over the sorrow that he caused to HKB"H because of his sins. And then, he needs to ask HKB"H for forgiveness for every Jew, male and female, adults and children. For all Am Yisrael. To ask from HKB"H to forgive and to tell how much Am Yisrael tries to be good, say to HKB"H how hard it is to be a Jew now, after almost two thousand years of exile - Am Yisrael is still putting on tefillin, keeping Shabbat and kashrut, praying, celebrating the holidays, many are speaking Yiddish to distinguish themselves from the gentiles, the yeshivas are full of young men learning, etc, and even though it's very hard - the young couples are ready to birth child after child however hard it is financially, to raise them, and marry them off. Raising them in the way of the Torah and ready to raise however many children, and there are families who have even twenty children!

We need to speak and to tell (to HKB"H) the good things that there are about Am Yisrael. We know that we are the lowest generation, and despite this we want to be good, want to do Hashem's will, but the world confuses us and brings us down. We're screaming to Heaven so Hashem will save us, so He won't forget us. After all the years in exile - we didn't forget HKB"H, we're weak - and only You, Hashem, can save us. Request from HKB"H that all Am Yisrael will merit to receive our righteous Mashiach, and that we will merit the World to Come of Mashiach. Next year in the Beit Hamikdash!


PS - Rav Chaim Kanievsky: It's a Torah commandment to make aliya now

Rough translation (the guy talks so fast!): 

"He came up to Eretz Yisrael seven months ago. He says in Lakewood from where he came there in New Jersey many people say we can also, but it's hard and there are those who say it's forbidden to go up until Mashiach comes. Are they right?"

Rav Kanievsky: "It's a mitzvah to go up."

"A mitzvah from the Torah for them to come also now?"

Rav Kanievsky: "Yes."


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    I nearly fainted when I heard R' Chaim's statement.

    1. I, also, Israel. You'll find "Follow by Email" next to the "Search this Blog" option below on the right. I really should keep up with the new gadgets. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Extremely good, right on.

  3. Don't worry, Devorah. One becomes prisoner of the person whose approval he seeks.
    You are no one's prisoner. These things are meant to wake up klal Yisrael. Post them. There are many ways to reach Jews.Different people respond to different avenues.... Hatzlachoh....

    1. The messages get more views than any other posts.

  4. First, despite what you wrote, I think that anybody logging into this blog, no matter their background, is thirsting for these messages! So thanks again and again for translating them for all of us. What a great merit for you.

    Why can't i see the video? There's nothing there.... Can you maybe 'please' have a way to stream it into this site??? I'd love to see it!

    Sarah G K

    1. I'll see what I can do about the video, Sarah. Sorry!

  5. Dear Anonymouses - Please resubmit your comments with a name (it doesn't matter what) and I will be happy to publish them. Sorry to put you to that trouble, but that's the rule and everyone else has been very good about following it. Thanks!

  6. Ok. Found the Rav Kanievsky video on Youtube. It's also linked via the title now for those who can't stream it. If anyone has a better translation of the conversation or can catch the words I missed, please add it to the comments, thanks!

  7. Devash, may I ask you something? I am a single girl and I am trying to make aliyah on my own - nobody is encouraging me and sometimes i get thoughts of conflict, is this correct at this time in my life... and this post really made me happy, kind of like some doubt left. but do you think it is going against kibbud Aim if my mother doesn't want me to go? Thanks, RN

    1. RN, I am not qualified to answer your question about your mom. You need to ask a rabbi. I recommend Rabbi Sholom Gold who made aliyah in the 80's from the States. You can reach him at this address: GoldofJerusalem@gmail.com

      When I was preparing to make aliyah, I also still had mixed feelings. At night when I went to bed, I was excited and positive and as soon as I woke up, I would ask myself - "Are you crazy?!" I think this must be typical because the yetzer hara fights to prevent you doing a mitzvah.

      Just know ahead of time that you are going UP and that requires a more rigorous workout for your faith and trust in Hashem. Once, He made me wait until the day before the movers came to find me a new apartment. It was very stressful, but Hashem came through as He always does. Everything is a test!

    2. "nobody is encouraging me "

      We are working on aliyah too. Shockingly we are quite alone in this. Perhaps we can encourage each other.

      I don't think kivud aim applies since this is a mitzvah. You should be nice about it of course.

    3. To dear RN:
      If it helps to hear, I also made aliyah as a single girl just into my twenties with no support. And that was before Nefesh B'Nefesh and the aliyah agencies available had almost no support for someone in my situation. (If I recall correctly, they catered more to secular/MO married couples who came with a lot of money and settled in more upper class Anglo areas, probably because that's who the majority of olim were at that time.) Yes, there were some hard times, but there were wonderful times, too, and I still can't believe how well everything has worked out and if you gave me 5 million dollars, I still wouldn't live anywhere else. (I know that sounds like hyperbole, but I really mean it.) To be honest, I live a very average Israeli lifestyle and not an America-wannabe lifestyle, which happens to suit my personality. That's from Hashem, nothing I can take credit for. I really wish you tremendous bracha and hatzlacha.

  8. I can imagine, Devash. So many people in both the Jewish communities and the non- Jewish communities "feel" something's brewing....Many are searching for spirituality.

  9. Jews should come to Israel, for USA will be entirely destroyed for betraying people of HaShem.

  10. I posted about Rav Kanievsky on MARCH 1.

  11. Thank you Devash, and for all the chizuk that comes to me through this blog!