25 March 2015

If You Haven't Cried Enough Yet...

5 Nisan 5775

The seven Sassoon children who perished in a fire on Shabbat-Rosh Chodesh were recorded two weeks earlier singing Yaakov Shwekey's hit song "Cry No More"...

(h/t Anonymous Commenter)

This is their final mitzvah from beyond the grave - to deliver this message to Am Yisrael. The imagery of Pesach, the horrible tragedies and Mashiach coming at the end?!!! How can we ignore such a loud and clear message as this?!!!


  1. The message came through very clear! It points right to Geulah! Unfortunately, through so many tears. Watching the video through tears. Pure neshomot!


  2. Now they're singing in front of HaShem!