22 January 2014

"Tragedies" : It Has Begun


21 Shevat 5774

On 13 Shevat, one week ago, Moishe'la said: "...More and more tragedies, huge enormous tragedies, are on the way until you wake up."

On 19 Shevat, around 1 am, a gas explosion at an apartment building in Gilo killed a couple and their 2 year old child, injured tens of others and rendered the entire building uninhabitable.

“This is a real tragedy,” said Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, who was at the scene in the early hours of the morning.

On 21 Shevat, "...Jerusalem has been hit by another tragedy." A family with four children have been poisoned by pesticide in Givat Mordechai. Another 2 year old child is dead. The rest of the family has been hospitalized, some in critical condition.

UPDATE! The four year old did not make it. And there are new details about the chemical...

"...Dr. Ovadiah Shemesh, Deputy Director of Jerusalem's Sha'arei Tzedek hospital, revealed that the poison responsible for killing a 2-year old and a 4 year-old and hospitalizing the rest of their family is the same material used in chemical weapons in Syria.

..."We are talking about the same poison that was used in the Syrian chemical weapons attacks," he continued. "I have encountered cases of exposure before, but never something as tragic as this."

...Investigators have yet to determine whether or not this is a deliberate attack or an act of terrorism. Police arrested the exterminator responsible for the pesticide Wednesday afternoon."

Hashem yerachem!! I'll remind you here that the gas technician is under house arrest as well.  I'd lay odds they are both Arabs, but the news won't report that.


Moishe'la: "...We're going to be shocked and we're going to be afraid and it's not going to be easy."

Global Jihad Cell Nabbed in Jerusalem

One of the terrorists involved was to carry out a suicide attack on a bus traveling from Jerusalem to Maaleh Adumim.

The plan was to fire at the bus's tires first, in order to cause it to overturn. Then the terrorist was to murder the bus's occupants at close range and await rescue forces, whom he would also fire at.

Another terrorist was to assist in carrying out a double suicide bombing at Jerusalem's Binyanei Hauma Convention Center, as well as a bombing at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.

These attacks were to be carried out by foreign terrorists who would arrive in Israel with forged Russian documents, disguised as tourists.

...The terrorist studied the roads leading to Binyanei Hauma and the US Embassy, and is well acquainted with the bus lines between Jerusalem and Maaleh Adumim.

Are you ready to wake up yet??!! What more is it going to take??!!


  1. This tragedy could also arguably be about "gas."

    Jerusalem Toddlers Killed by Suspected 'Chemical Weapons Agent'

    Taken together with the other occurrences this week connected to gas, it puts me in mind once again of Dr. David Golander's words: "The war will begin with a gas attack; every event in the Land will be tied to gas. There will be a lot of it. This is the sign."

  2. this is unreal

  3. I wouldn't just call this a tragedy just yet. The poisoning in Givat Mordechai may very well turn out to be a terrorist attack. All our lives have been devalued by the release of 3 x 26 murderers for nothing. Until Eliyahu HaNavi, G-d willing this Spring, shows up very soon, I would expect more of the same.

  4. H' yerachem! This latest and even the other day's gas explosion were most probably terrorist attacks. Is that why Israel takes in Syrian injured to be cared for in Israel? Just like the brilliance of opening up the floodgates for the psuedonistians to ride the same buses as Jews, live in the same neighborhoods, etc. etc. They have become so emboldened that they feel they won the war (the tiny mouse against the mighty lion) against the Jews. When is Moshiach coming already?

  5. I remembered the thing about the gas from Dr. Golander. Thank you Devash for reminding us all. It would be appropriate to repost his article at this time. I would like to read it again.

  6. The original is no longer available.

  7. Rabbi Yehudah called to add that the parshah for this week - Mishpatim - is heavy on din and therefore, one would expect to see such things during this time.

    I also incurred some personal judgment which was very difficult for me to accept. And it involved something I had to do teshuva for that I didn't even realize needed teshuva.

    "In it's time I will hasten it." We have to wrap up all the outstanding debts. Time is almost up.


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