30 January 2014

New Facebook Campaign Against Kerry Plan

29 Shevat 5774
Yom Kippur Katan

A new Facebook Page was created today to counter this...
Kerry Considers Speaking to Israel Public
US Secretary of State John Kerry is considering arranging a trip to Israel in order to make a special speech to the Israeli public, in the style of a "State of the Nation" address, according to a report by Ben Caspi of The Jerusalem Post.
We are in a war for hearts and minds and one of the main battlegrounds is cyberspace. Thanks to Edward Snowden's revelations, no one need have any more illusions that his thoughts and feelings remain concealed. The Powers That Be (TPTB) already know who you are and where they can find you. There is therefore, no reason to fear taking a public stand on the most critical issue of our time - the destruction of the Third Jewish Commonwealth.

Make no mistake, this is exactly what is at stake. And lest you think it is enough simply to pray, remember the lesson we learned at Yam Suf.  The miracle only took place when Nahshon Ben Aminadav jumped in. As has always been the case, we do what we can do and HKB"H will finish it.

There always comes a time when each of us must make a stand.  That moment has come for me and I hope you will join me...
Dear John Letter - A "Dear John" letter is typically written to end a relationship. This is a "Dear John" letter for United States Secretary of State John Kerry from Israel.
On 30 January 2014, Israeli news reported that US Secretary of State John Kerry is considering a direct appeal to the Israeli public in support of his plan to uproot Jews from their homeland.

This "Dear John" letter is meant to pre-empt that event and give the initiative to the Jewish people whose land he is attempting to award to murderers and outlaws.
Dear John (Kerry),
Understanding how easily the mass media can be manipulated to make it appear that your plan has the support of a majority of the Israeli public, we, the undersigned on this letter, are here to tell you that no true Jew anywhere in the world will ever accept this.

The relinquishment of parts of Eretz Yisrael which includes, but is not limited to, cities such as Shechem, Jericho, Beit Lechem, Hevron and, of course, the Temple Mount, will NEVER be acceptable to any true Jew wherever he may reside in the world.
Not all of us have made it home yet, but all of us understand that this land is held in trust for all generations of Jews. It is a debt we owe to past generations and a promise to keep for future generations.
These lands were restored to us at the cost of our brothers' blood and despite what the world believes, Jewish blood is not cheap, nor will you find it so if you persist in your efforts to uproot us from our land.
You want to know how much support your plan has among the Israeli public? It's irrelevant. It does not have the support of the Master and Creator of the World and that is what should concern you most, John Kerry. And all true Jews are here to tell you that you will never have our support for such a plan either.
Dear John, don't fall into the trap of believing in the media-created virtual reality which has no real substance or basis in truth. It's all an illusion, as well as any "support" you might think you have among the Israeli public. You are on a path to destruction. Abandon it now while you still can.
Please join the page and pass it along to as many others as possible. And may HKB"H bless all of our efforts to annul the evil decree!!


  1. The Fourth Jewish Commonwealth is waiting in the wings; when it finally emerges all wicked politicians who wanted to remove the Third Commonwealth will become powerless. They will long for it's return but it will be too late for them.

  2. I wouldn't warn this evil man to stay away. I would end the letter: "Welcome Jordan Valley Peace keeping troops. You are entering a trap set up by the Creator of the Universe. Excuse us as we pop some popcorn to watch the scene in the Valley as the Creator of the Universe destroys you. After that we will have to clean up the bloody mess by burying your bodies."

  3. Sounds Biblical Dov Bar-Leib. Save a seat and some popcorn for me!!

  4. May ALL take a lesson from Ariel Sharon (may he rest in peace) and Gazza debacle and his worsening and death after Bibi's release of terrorists!!! Sharon was a personification of the sickly, debilitating, and ungodly political agendas being forced on HaShem's Land and precious People!