09 January 2014

"In GOD We Trust"

8 Shevat 5774

The only thing America makes with the word "God" on it clearly identifies, although perhaps subconsciously, who or what is their god. They don't call it "The Almighty Dollar" for nothing.

I can't locate the source, but I've read somewhere that when The Creator begins to judge a nation, he first destroys their god. The dollar has taken another whack.

Deep freeze puts $5 billion chill on economy

The record cold spell that has half the country in the deep freeze could cost the U.S. economy up to $5 billion.

That's because millions of Americans haven't been able to drive to work, fly or take a train to business meetings or vacations, go to the shopping mall or take the kids out for a movie and a meal. And they may also have to pay more just to keep warm.

The huddled masses are huddling at home until an easing of the extreme temperatures that have been colder in some parts of the country than at the South Pole.

"We think that the problem will be short-lived, but we estimate it will cost about $5 billion because of the sheer size of the population affected — about 200 million people in the eastern two-thirds of the country," said Evan Gold, senior vice president at business weather intelligence company Planalytics.

...About 7,000 flights total were canceled Monday and Tuesday. Amtrak operated a restricted service in the Northeast.


  1. HaShem takes down the ministering angel (sar) that protects the nation, before He destroys the nation.

    HaShem is the only one above us in Eretz Yisrael.

  2. That's true, but I also read this other last week in a perusal of commentary on Parshat Bo. It related to Hashem's plagues each being an attack on one of Egypt's false gods.

  3. Tanhuma Shemot 7:13:

    למה לקו המים תחלה בדם?

    מפני שפרעה והמצריים היו עובדין ליאור, אמר הקדוש ברוך הוא: תכה אלוהו תחלה לפניו ואחר כך עצמו.
    משל הדיוט אומר: מחו אלהיא ויבהתין כומריא.

  4. Thanks, Yaak. Hope you are thawing out.

  5. I think that the striking down of their god began during those earthquakes in XChurch, New Zealand, the largest city with his name in it. Weren't those earthquakes in 5771? This has been a long time in coming.