04 January 2014

Is the קר connected to whatever קרי is doing in Israel?

4 Shevat 5774

In Hebrew, the word for cold (קר) shares its letters with the name of US Secretary of State John Kerry (קרי). The US is getting slammed over and over again with one winter storm after another, each colder than the one before.

Winter Storm Ion is set to pounce today and tomorrow. Notice the wind chill temperatures (pictures above) which are being predicted for its aftermath and as if that were not bad enough, according to weatherman, Al Roker, there's another storm coming this week.

Life Threatening Cold

Get ready for bone-chilling cold you probably haven't endured in years.

A deep freeze is spreading across much of the United States this weekend, making the nor'easter that just blanketed about 20 states with snow look like a mere curtain raiser.

Nearly half the nation -- 140 million people -- will shiver in temperatures of zero or lower by Wednesday.

The arctic blast threatens to sweep subzero lows as far south as Alabama and plunge much of the Deep South into the single digits.

Winter weather in the past week has claimed at least 13 lives, CNN has confirmed.

(Other reports say 16 deaths.)


  1. Of course we remember that Israel's 100 year record breaking snow fall happened while the Ba'al Kerry was whizzing in and out of Yerushalayim. So he is regularly karcha beDerekh wherever he goes.

  2. B"H - Brilliant! Tomer Dvorah, you are BRILLIANT. G-d bless you!