14 January 2014

That Clarifies Things

13 Shevat 5774

Kerry heads to Vatican ahead of papal Holy Land trip

US Secretary of State John Kerry will meet top officials at the Vatican Tuesday to discuss Middle East peace efforts ahead of Pope Francis's first visit to the Holy Land in May.

Kerry's spokesperson Jen Psaki said he would meet with Secretary of State of the Holy See Pietro Parolin "to discuss foreign policy priorities, including Pope Francis's vocal leadership on the Middle East Peace Process, poverty and humanitarian issues". Kerry, who is Catholic, was in Paris Monday, where he has taken part in talks on the Syria crisis. (AFP)

So John Kerry is Catholic.  Remember when Tony Blair stepped down from being Prime Minister of England and began to convert to Catholicism before taking the position of the Quartet's special peace envoy to the Middle East?

After 30 years as a closet Catholic, Blair finally puts faith before politics

In a recent message, Binyamin Golden says the following:

...In a little while, the Pope, yemach shmo, will surely come and in a celebratory ceremony he will, so to speak, receive the keys to Kever David. In other places - I don't know how he will do it, but they're silent. The people are already afraid from them. They are very cruel people. Very dangerous. ["terrorize in the Land of Life" Ezekiel 32]

Q. In the Vatican's official newspaper they published in the name of the highest state authorities that they removed the obstacles for transferring Kever David on Mount Zion to the Catholic Church by written agreement...

A. You don't understand how many workers are with them! Every place is full of these spies! And this is the exact story of what they did in America, and what they did in Europe, just went in and whoever opposed them they killed.

Q. We heard an amazing thing. Yesterday the police removed all the Jews from the area of Kever Rachel and there came in a procession of pilgrims within Kever Rachel...

A. Exactly. And this is very interesting, because it never was of interest to the Christians to come to Kever Rachel on Christmas. What do they have to do with Kever Rachel...!?

Could the Jesuit-educated Shimon Peres be behind this?

From Barry Chamish's book Save Israel:

In March 1994, the newspaper Chadashot revealed a most remarkable secret of the Middle East "peace" process. A friend of Shimon Peres, the French intellectual Marek Halter, claimed in an interview that in May 1993, he delivered a letter from Peres to the pope. Within, Peres promised to internationalize Jerusalem, granting the UN political control of the Old City of Jerusalem, and the Vatican hegemony of the holy sites within. The UN would give the PLO a capital within its new territory and East Jerusalem would become a kind of free trade zone of world diplomacy.

In 2003:

Peres suggests holy sites in J'lem be declared 'world capital'

...His plan calls for declaring a holy area of sites sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims in Jerusalem's old walled city as a "world capital", with the UN Secretary-General serving as mayor, Peres' spokesman Yoram Dori said.

These devious plans have been in the works for a very long time, but we are coming to the end of the road now. Expect something very sinister very soon.


  1. Thank you, Devorah, for the belated article regarding Shimom Peres and his plans for Jerusalem..These facts have been around for a long time, but alas, few have taken notice!

    I regard S. Peres as guilty of having committed treason against Israel.
    It should also be added that he is listed as being a 32nd(or 33rd) degree high mason of the scottish rite! That he should be associated with the Jesuit order is even more sickening when one realizes that it was the Jesuits who were the original instigators of the 'Protocolls of the Elders of zion'..

  2. What do you think about this?


  3. Moriah, that's crazy! I can't imagine.

  4. This past summer, my family went to the Wild Animal Safari near Springfield, MO. Didn't see any owls though.