08 January 2014

Discussion with Moishe'la: "On The Threshold of the Geula Sheleimah"

7 Shevat 5774

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
Teves 27 '5774 (Dec 29 '13)

On The Threshold of the Geula Sheleimah

I am really not very in the mood to unload my feelings, but if you insist, I will. This secular New Year's Eve and New Year's will bring great surprises, difficult, very difficult surprises. The world has become a nightmare, a nightmare, an unbelievable nightmare.

Throughout the western world, the once very profitable western world, where the Gashmius, the materialism flowed and flowed, and seemed never ending, will reveal the fact that it was all only an illusion. Every secular and non-Jewish religious holiday, brought with it more and more gadgets, very interesting devices to be bought. Every secular and non-Jewish religious holiday there were more and more adult and children's toys, new ideas to keep us interested in life, and now it's all gone. It's become a terribly difficult world. The entertainment, instead of being entertaining, has become frightening, has become melancholy. It has put us all into depression. The songs, the dancing and the entertainment of the non-Jewish world, make people feel depressed and lonely, and even in the Jewish world we are still running after the Egel HaZahav, and trying to put back something that we don’t realize yet has been totally lost. We have totally lost that gluttonous materialism, and it won't return, Boruch Hashem. All that type of materialism will disappear and we will be left either with the ability to reach the highest levels of spirituality, meaning to come very close to Hashem, or we will just not exist, Chas Vesholom. This weaning us off of the poisonous materialism is a very hard and dangerous thing, but that’s what we're going through now. The Gashmius, the Egel Hazav is the Sitra Achra. That is the evil one.

The world has become very, very morbid, full of death. Every day people are dying in the most violent ways, whether it is individual actions or wars, as in Syria, where the cruelty and violence and the bloodshed has gone way beyond what we have been used to. There is something more sinister that is happening now that has ever existed in the world. Now the whole world has taken on new values. But these new values are not really new. They are very old. They're the old Sitra Achra back in force like he's never been before and is destroying, or at least trying to destroy, everything that is good, Hashem Yishmor. They're destroying every one of the things that we hold holy, which are for the Jewish people, Kedusha. They are trying to destroy the Kedusha, and they think they are succeeding. They really do think they're succeeding, and I cannot say they're not, except I know they're not succeeding because if they were succeeding we would not have a world. But Hashem is going to bring them to the epitome of evil, and once they arrive there, there will be nowhere to go but down, and they will all disappear and we won't even remember that they ever existed.

Our lives will become so beautiful, so wonderful, so fulfilling, so without dirt, so without lust, so without any of the bad things that evil brought into the world, and we will not have death either. We will only have life. We will only have life.

Yes it's happening, and this secular New Year that the world is celebrating, for me is a very sad one because I'm afraid for everyone. I am afraid for our Yidden. The Goyim have much to do to make a complete Tikkun for the terrible Aveiros against the Jews, and against Hakodosh Boruch Hu. The Goyim, the Reshaim that attacked and slaughtered Jews, that tried to be instead of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, Hashem Yishmor, they will all die in the most vicious way. The world will be rid of them forever. Hashem will not let them continue to exist. They will have their end, the end that they deserve, and the same fate will be for the Erev Rav. But the Yidden who have suffered for thousands of years will go on to eternity. I am happy that finally we are getting to the point of no return. We cannot turn back and go backwards, only forwards, only forwards to our eternity, to our holiness, to our Kedusha to bask in the light of Hakodosh Boruch Hu. I want so much just to jump over this time, to leap over it and get to the better times, but we can't do that and we must go forward, trudge forward trying to keep our sanity by doing complete Teshuvah even though the world has become insane. We must plod forward trying to keep our eyes on the goal which is to finally be able to reach the Geula Sheleimah.

Tatti: You were twisting and turning a whole night last night. Do you want to tell us why?

Moishela: You have to understand Tatti I heard very hard things from Zaidy in my dream. He told me that I should tell you that this next two months is going to be absolutely horrific and that we have to hold onto our sanity by coming very close to Hashem and trying to do His Ratzon. Not that our family will be hurt physically, we won't, Beezras Hashem, but just to know what is happening just to see what terrible things are happening, what lies are being revealed, will be a very big test for everyone. The world has absolutely gone insane, vicious, blood thirsty, Meshuga.

Tatti: Zaidy's Yartzeit passed recently. Do you have anything to tell us?

Moishela: On Zaidy's Yartzeit, a lot of people said Kaddish for him and he felt a big Aliyah. Zaidy has it good where he is in Gan Eden B"H. He is worried about us and how we will be able to pass through these last few difficult steps before we arrive at the threshold of the Geula Sheleimah.


  1. Thank you Moishela. Your words are heart warming, straight to the point, as usual.

  2. What amazes me about Moishela's comments is how they strike to the core of the issues. The way he understands that we really are enslaved at this point is quite remarkable for a person who is not in the working world.