13 January 2014

Sealing Their Fate

12 Shevat 5774

Today is the big day! They are burying Ariel Sharon's mortal remains. It would be entirely fitting if the whole secular Zionist enterprise were buried with him.

Another fitting development: the funeral is taking place in the shadow of the iron dome...

...The Iron Dome anti-missile system will also be on alert during the funeral, in case Gaza Arab terrorists decide to fire rockets at the Negev as Sharon is being buried.

The funeral will take place in an area of the Negev where Hamas rockets are able to reach, and have struck in the past. Israeli officials expressed concern Sunday night that Hamas terrorists would “salute” Sharon with rocket attacks on the area.

Do you realize that Hashem decided to finally, and at long last, take Ariel Sharon's soul at the crucial moment when Binyamin Netanyahu and his government are poised to repeat Sharon's most tragic mistake? And not just the government of Israel, but the whole world and all its leaders have now been forced to focus on what happened to the man who uprooted and expelled Jews in the Land of Israel. Will it give them pause? Will they have second thoughts? Knowing how great is their desire to torment and destroy Jews and all they hold dear, I kind of doubt it.

I fully expect them to charge full-speed ahead and with renewed vigor in the aftermath of this funeral. (That is if Hamas doesn't do us all a big favor from their positions in Gaza.) Hashem will surely shake His head and say, "I tried to warn you."


  1. Stupid, stupid people. They can't even wait for the dirt to settle on the grave!

    Biden to utilize trip for Sharon's funeral to push forward peace talks

    ...Traveling on Biden's plane from Washington, US Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida lawmaker, made clear she saw the vice president's visit not only as a moment to pay his last respects to Sharon but a chance to tackle critical regional issues.

    "Anytime that you have a leader from the United States as significant as Vice President Biden sitting down with the prime minister of Israel ... there's an opportunity for progress," Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, told reporters, suggesting Biden's visit could build on the shuttle diplomacy US Secretary of State John Kerry has pursued.

    "And every time there is an opportunity for progress, for the United States to be in a position to help Israel in the cause of crafting and finalizing a two-state solution, we take that opportunity. This is no exception," she said.

  2. You see what I mean?

    In tributes to Sharon, a not-so-subtle message for Netanyahu

    Former prime minister Ariel Sharon had been comatose for eight years before he died Saturday, but world leaders seized the opportunity to eulogize the late leader to send a not-so-subtle message to current prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Just as Arik, the “father of the settlement movement,” turned a new leaf and withdrew from Jewish settlements, so can you — or so you must, they seemed to say.

    Reading through the various statements made by presidents and prime ministers in the aftermath of Sharon’s death, one could get the impression that Sharon, in his 32 years in the Knesset and two terms as prime minister, did nothing but remove settlers from Palestinian territories in the pursuit of peace.

    ...Western politicians, with almost no exception, looked only at Sharon’s life after he broke away from Likud and created the centrist Kadima party in late 2005, soon after he had overseen the dismantling of the Gaza settlements and the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza.

    United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, for instance, focused his statement on the one action that the world appears to want to remember about Ariel Sharon: the “painful and historic decision to withdraw Israeli settlers and troops from the Gaza Strip.” Sharon’s successor, Ban continued, without naming any names, now “faces the difficult challenge of realizing the aspirations of peace between the Israeli and Palestinian people. The Secretary-General calls on Israel to build on the late Prime Minister’s legacy of pragmatism to work towards the long overdue achievement of an independent and viable Palestinian state, next to a secure Israel.”

  3. Yes, Devash, I see what you mean.

    American leadership is still not only stupid, but SELECTIVELY so.

    Even if our leadership never learns, we Israelis had better start thinking about whether we would commit suicide for love - because in the end that's what the world is demanding of us. The message to the Jewish nation is: You don't belong in the world we're making. Nothing is legal for you; nothing is right for you. Would you do us all a favor and leave?

    That includes the Erev Rav among us. They must be in severe denial if they think they're an exception.

    Fortunately there is an alternative coming up, or else I'd lose all hope right now. We can't wait another 226 years for it...

    CDG, Yerushalayim

  4. Nice connecting of the dots,...as always.

    What do you make of this?

    Ariel Sharon's Time of Death

  5. 10rainbow, maybe you never noticed, but I don't quote "the Rebbe" on my blog and I don't promote Chabad in any way, shape or form. There is a very good reason for that.

    Maybe you are not aware, but even within Judaism, there is a form of political correctness. And this idea that "we are not to judge" sounds a lot like an assimilated xian worldview. (You don't have to be or have been a xian to absorb it.) In fact, we have to make judgments every day and it's an essential element in making teshuva.

    I think your comment that "everyone is so quick to judge" is itself a judgment on those who dare to "judge," in your opinion.

    I've seen this same comment, in one variation or another, on several other blogs. I would advise you to please refrain from instructing Jews on how to behave - that's judging, too, and it's really not your place.

  6. The way John Kerry has been talking about his good friend 'Arik' you'd think they were long life time friends. But really, it's like a mother who heaps praise on the good son in hopes it motivates the rebellious, uncooperative son to act the same to reap the same rewards. Truly sickening..

  7. Devash - I agree with you especially in regards to 10 Rainbow's comment. This is not personal loshon horah. This is talking about kedushat Eretz Yisrael and anyone who knows something about Torah knows that Israel is being led by the Erev Rav, who have no Jewish souls, and the uninformed Jews (everywhere) are just sitting ducks, allowing this chilul H' to continue. Shlomo Hamelech said there is a time to love and a time to hate. Love your real fellow Jew and hate the enemies of H' and His Children. Believe, we are entering the Geulah big time and our Father in Heaven will be picking up the slack, so to speak, and will do what HE did at ytziat Mitrayim at the end, where we will be silent, & HE will take over leading us into geulah!

  8. Thank you for your comments, Anonymous.

  9. Yes. You're right.

    I guess this is just an example of people trying to make sense of something, or even searching for HaShem's presence.

    Could be something to it, or not.

    I just thought it was interesting that it was going around.

    Sometimes things go around due to panic.

  10. I appreciate you sending it, Esser Agaroth. The rabbi is interested also. So, thanks again! Please don't ever hesitate to share something here in the comments. Never know who it will be important to.