22 January 2014

Discussion with Moishela: "The Quicker You Wake Up, The Quicker It Will End"

21 Shevat 5774


Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
Shevat 13 5774 (Jan 13, '14)

The Quicker You Wake Up, The Quicker It Will End

Well, Mommy and Tatti we have seen a very difficult week, the end of one week and the beginning of another. Every week there are more and more tragedies more and more difficulties for us to endure. More and more we see our world, the world we know, crumbling in every direction.

First there was a terrible murder in Williamsburg, a terrible murder that frightened everybody. At least most of the Jews of the area were frightened, but soon they snapped out of it, forced themselves out of it, because they don’t want to be frightened. They don’t want to know the truth that Hashem is sending them clear messages that it is time to leave. It's not only time to leave, it's time to change, first and foremost time to change, time to do Teshuva. The murder of the Satmar Yingerman was a terrible, terrible thing, but even more than that was the anti-Semitism shown towards the Jewish community by the New York Post, and that was a real scare. But the American Frum popped back to their old complacency very soon and don’t want to know the truth, because if they recognize the truth they might have to change, and changing is hard and they like their Egel HaZahav. They like it. They don’t want to get rid of it, so most of them just keep on, and they say to themselves, "Well it was just something that happened." And probably in their hearts they try to say that the poor dead man was probably at fault in order to relive their hidden feelings that maybe it is really a message from Shomayim to get out of the U.S.A. and to do Teshuva.

Then of course Hashem sent another happening that was very amazing. Most of the United States of America, if not all, had extremely low temperatures, and some areas, very large areas went down to even 50 below and even 60 below zero Fahrenheit , but of course the Jews quickly bounced out of that one also, at least the ones not living in Chicago or places that got the real bad cold. Probably in New York they said, "Oh well it's not so unusual. It's really not so unusual," and went back to their old ways. Teshuva is a very hard thing to do, and when we don’t really have desire to do it, it seems too difficult. When we like our toys and we like our Egel HaZahav and we like our Gashmius, then we really don’t have anything to push us to do Teshuva. Therefore, I really warn you Am Yisroel in America and in Europe and all over the world, you had better get your act together because soon there's going to be even stronger warnings and it's going to come very close to home for everybody. I'm warning you ahead of time.

Here in Eretz Yisroel we have a very interesting situation. One of the great warriors of the State of Israel fell. He died after 8 years of being unconscious. This great general had a very great funeral and burial. He was taken to the Knesset and laid in state so that all of the State of Israel could come and pay their last respects to him. There's just one catch. Not very many people were interested in coming, and the thousands and thousands of people that they expected never showed up, only a few. It was a bit embarrassing. Yes, diplomats came from far off to say farewell to this old soldier. It was very, very strange because this ex-prime minister is very disliked among much of the Israeli population for taking the Jews, the settlers out of Gush Katif. And even worse than that, the politicians that came after him didn’t even help these people get what they deserved, which is permanent housing and so on. Many people considered him a traitor. However, the State of Israel wanted to bring us a message that even though Arik was a great warrior, still when he had to give up, he gave up. And what did he give up? He didn’t give up his farm, no. He gave up all of the homes and land of the settlers in Gush Katif. He chased them out of their homes because he was told to do it, because he was told that’s what he had to do now. I wonder what would have been if he had to give up his ranch, his farm. Well, one thing he did give up and that is his positive place in history. And from that moment on he went downhill. Seeing him buried next to his wife on his farm makes me think how could it be that such a great person could fall so easily, could give up so easily, and why now exactly was his death? I believe that his death came now because very soon the Israeli population is going to get a big shock, because no matter what our so-called leaders of the Knesset say, I'm sure they're going to give up a lot of land and lot more settlers are going to have to leave, and they are going to bring foreign troops here as I once said before, and who knows what's next. So brace yourself, Am Yisroel, because it's not going to be easy. Brace yourself. We're coming to a very difficult time, and when you see what happens just check the Nevuas (prophecies), and you'll see that it is exactly what is written.

I foresee in the near future many more tests, many more revelations of truth. We're going to be shocked and we're going to be afraid and it's not going to be easy. If you want to get through it Israeli Jews, American Jews, European Jews, all the world Jewry who want to get through it, you better come back to your origins. Ladies, you had better shed all those not Tzniusdik clothes, and exchange them for Tzniusdik clothes. You better get rid of your Sheitels and of your make up and of your see-through stockings and your fancy shoes that make a lot of noise in the street and of all the things that Hashem despises. Ladies, don’t forget your nail polish. And you men, you do it also. You better start learning Torah the way you're supposed to, and not dilly dally around. OK you have to go to work, good, but you have to be Kovaya Ittim (a regular learning schedule), and you better do it! You better stop schmoozing in Shul, and talking all kinds of Loshon Horah and laughing at people in the street because they look like they're too Frum. You better watch out. You better stop flying around from country to country for Bar Mitzvas and Chasunas and all kinds of things that you don’t really have to go to. You better settle down and try to get rid of your overdraft and try to get rid of your debt to the bank, because those debts are the most dangerous. If you owe a Gemach or you owe to a private Yid, Frum Yid that if in the worst time will be Mochel you, OK. But once you get in with the banks and so on, you are in big trouble, big trouble. So I suggest that you shed your Goyish ways, and come back to being true Yidden the way a Yid is supposed to be. Go back to your learning. Go back to your Davening with all your heart and soul. Go back to the real Yiddishkeit. Go back to Hashem. Many of you laugh at Breslevers because they like to make Hisbodidus (when you seclude yourself in order to make personal contact with Hashem), but Hisbodidus is one of the basic things that a Yid has to do. He has to just talk to Hashem. He has to just come close to Hashem, be aware that Hashem knows every move a person is contemplating even before he actually does it. Hashem knows a person's innermost feelings even though people feel that they are totally alone. He knows every thought and every deed and every Ratzon of the person. So therefore I would suggest very much that you discard your books that are Treif, and your magazines that are Treif, and would suggest that you discard your Treif clothes and your Treif places of eating. Even though they have a Hechsher, still they're Treif, because sitting in these places and guzzling in these places and eating in a gluttonous way, men and women sitting laughing making jokes and so on, is worse than eating in a marketplace and because it's a place of entertainment void of Torah. It is as if you vomited on the table. And don’t forget that we should only eat in restaurants when we have no choice. When you find yourself in a strange place and you're in a in an emergency situation because you have no food and no grocery stores and nowhere to eat and you feel weak from hunger, then you would have no choice but to look for a restaurant that is Heimish and that is Tzniusdik and that is really Kosher, but that’s all very hard to find nowadays.

Am Yisroel the end of time as we know it is coming very close. We're only feeling a little bit of the troubles that await us. If you think that it has been bad until now, it's going to be worse. This doesn’t mean we will be tested in the same way as before. Still it will be harder. Only the ones close to Hashem will be able to get through it because they won't be afraid. They won't be afraid because they will be so happy that we're getting so close to the Geula Sheleimah which is the greatest Truth.

American Jews get out of your stupor. You're going for a big fall. It's going to be a huge fall. America is already sliding down. Don’t lie to yourselves. If you lately made it big on the stock market, soon the stock market is going to fall. All that money of yours is going to fall. You are going to be in big trouble. Many Jews already are in trouble in America, and if you think that the New York Post magazine article was bad, wait. You don’t even realize that there's anti-Semitism everywhere. It is not like it used to be. You can't go into the mayor's office now, and say "This is an outrage," and he's going to run to help you. No way, not anymore!

Things are changing and they're changing at a fast pace. I suggest very much that you take yourselves in hand and start stripping away all the unnecessary garbage that you have collected around you, and get to the Truth, and be able to get to the Geula Sheleimah, because if you don’t do that you'll never make it. You'll never make it because you won't be able to. You won't be able to even understand what Hashem wants from you. You won't understand what it means to get to the Geula Sheleimah. You won't understand what it means to be Bnei Chorin. You'll never be able to understand it. If you don’t understand it, you can't make it because you won't be able to appreciate it. You will arrive and you will disappear by yourself, because you won't be able to be part of it. Am Yisroel I'm speaking seriously, very seriously. The time has come. We're coming to the end and you had better get your act together.

I want only to tell you, all of you, all Am Yisroel, what I'm saying is true. More and more tragedies huge enormous tragedies are on the way until you wake up. The quicker you wake up, the quicker it will end. If you drag your feet and you don’t want to realize, then it's going to shlep longer, but Hashem will save every single Yiddishe Neshoma, every Neshoma that was at Har Sinai. It might take a little longer because you're working against Him, but if you stop working against Hashem and start realizing what is going on, then you will be able to get there quicker. I'm begging you. I'm begging all the Yidden, the Frum that are so intertwined with the Egel HaZahav that they can't get out of the spiritual mess that they have gotten themselves into. They are so involved in the materialism that they can't see how to get out of it, how to break away from it. I'm begging you, break away! Break away from the Gashmius and come only to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Come close. Strip yourselves of all the extra baggage, all the weightiness of the materialism and of your mistaken trust in mankind, and come back to Hakodosh Boruch Hu.


  1. All the discussions with Moishela has been on the website of Daniel messages from heaven. Now tey are not. Are the discussions with Moishela authentic?