19 January 2014

How Much Longer Will Moshe Ya'alon Be Defense Minister?

18 Shevat 5774

The Defense Minister is treading on politically treacherous ground right now. His days as DM may already be numbered.

Yaalon Rejects Kerry's Security Arrangements Proposal

Defense Minister Yaalon said over the weekend that Kerry's security arrangements proposal for the Jordan Valley are unacceptable, "Drones and sensors are no substitute for the IDF presence in the Jordan Valley. We will not abandon our security to a third party. Our presence is required there for the long term."

His appointment was no doubt a concession to Likud members without whom the Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu could not become Prime Minister.  But, this man is being too honest and straightforward for the politicians. And the US will assuredly want payback. If the DM's words were an accurate reflection of his boss's position it might be another matter, but the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. After all, who appointed Tzipi Livni to be Israel's Chief negotiator with the 'Palestinians' and the Americans?

Tzipi Livni who...

As a member of Ariel Sharon's cabinet, "was an avid supporter of the prime minister's disengagement plan, and was generally considered to be among the key dovish or moderate members of the Likud party."

"Became the first Israeli cabinet minister to explicitly differentiate Palestinian guerrilla attacks against Israeli military targets from terrorist attacks against civilians."

Who "won the Kadima leadership election by a margin of just 431 votes (1%). Palestinian peace negotiators were reportedly pleased with the result."

Who "has been received warmly in the Gulf, and that she is the leader most Arabs want to see as Israel's next prime minister."

Let's put the myth of "hard decisions" and "painful concessions" to rest once and for all. Whatever they want the outcome to be was decided long ago and the current PM was complicit.  The only thing being "negotiated" now is how best to pull the wool over the sheep's eyes.