29 January 2014

The Last Days of the Secular State

28 Shevat 5774

When Ariel Sharon - the ultimate symbol of the secular state - finally passed from the scene, it was a sign, in my mind, that the state itself would not be far behind.

This is wonderful news, because the "medinah" is the unholy side - the klipot - of the kingdom to come which arises from the side of holiness.

According to Rav Aryeh Carmell in The Messianic Process: " The 'Holy kingdom of Israel' - Maharal's term for the reign of the Messiah - will emerge from an earlier, non-holy kingdom." The Maharal himself wrote: "...The holy kingdom of Israel... must grow out of the non-holy kingdom that preceded it."

Netanyahu's Ultimatum: Bennett Must 'Apologize or Quit'
...sources threatened that "if (Bennett) won't apologize," he risks the dissolution of the current coalition government.

...On Tuesday, Bennett reiterated in a speech at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) that "leaving Jews under foreign leadership is a 180-degree turn for Zionism. What happened to us?

Min. Ariel Admits 'Mini-Crisis' with Netanyahu

A further sign of the dissolution of the secular Zionist enterprise is the apparent assimilation of the Prime Minister's son with a gentile woman in the heart of Eretz Yisrael. And what can we say of ongoing physical attacks against Jews in the Land of Israel for simply being Jews?

All of the reasons the secular Zionists ever gave for being "a free people in our own land" have proven to be empty. Jews are not safe from the attacks of goyim on the streets of our homeland. Our synagogues are not safe from the graffiti of swastikas.  Our sons and daughters are not safe from intermarriage.

Secular Zionism and the state it spawned are done!  It only remains for us to recognize the fact.