21 January 2014

It's Anybody's Guess, But...

20 Shevat 5774

...it's my guess that the truest gauge of what is happening behind the scenes is the weather. Want to know if powerful people are plotting Israel's downfall? Just pull a weather report. The worse the weather, the worse their plans are for us. If the "Polar Vortex is returning," it can only mean one thing. Vis a vis the Piece Plan, nothing in Washington has changed.


  1. Okay.. I sort of understand what you are saying.
    But what about Canada, we are having bad weather in most of our provinces.
    Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper, loves and stands up for Israel, as I do too.


  2. Storm has devastated North America and Europe, mostly, besides Striking Egypt, Israel, and Jordan, not to mention Russia, China, and Australia being Stuck in Antarctica to Debt and Death. THAT clearly indicates Regional War on the horizon due to Incompetence. I expect Severe Plagues to Destroy the West. I suggest an "Iron Dome" in Tel Aviv and Safed, although that won't deter Persia from testing Y'all.

  3. Interesting you brought up the Canadian Prime Minister, Anonymous. I've been thinking of writing a blog post dedicated to his avowal of support for the Jewish state. Then I thought, why cause trouble? But, since you asked...

    While Mr. Stephen Harper seems like a nice enough person, it seems to me he is simply more of a carrot than a stick, but both incentives are used to gain the same result - a two-state-solution. He is hailed as a hero for nicely allowing us to remain in a vastly diminished land area, cut in half by a free-passage corridor for 'Palestinians' and devoid of all our historic holy places.

    From his speech to the Knesset:

    "Just as we unequivocally support Israel's right of self-defence, so too Canada has long supported a just and secure future for the Palestinian people. And, I believe we share with Israel a sincere hope that the Palestinian people and their leaders will choose a viable, democratic, Palestinian state, committed to living peacefully alongside the Jewish state of Israel."

    In a later press conference:

    "..Mr. Harper was forced to admit that he and the Israeli prime minister disagree on the legitimacy of settlements in the West Bank.

    "...Canada does not recognize permanent Israeli control over territories occupied in 1967 (the Golan Heights, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip) and settlements are a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention."

    We have reached a truly sorry state as a people when we can lionize a politician whose only claim to superiority is that he allows us to live and doesn't demand that we disappear altogether. Or rather that we commit slow suicide with the 'Palestinians' rather than allow Iran to take us out in a nuclear nanosecond.

    We need less 'pro-Israel' supporters and more 'pro-Torah' supporters. The real righteous gentiles will be those who do not turn their backs on us when Mashiach comes and annexes the whole Land of Israel and starts rebuilding the Temple.

    I wonder where Stephen Harper will standing then.

  4. Loved your last comment, Devash. Exactly how I have always seen things when in regards to Israel. The trouble with most of our people, even many who are religious, look at the current events in EY via political eyes, rather than what the Torah tells us. We know the end of the story; but in the meantime, even those who stand with us show their true colors, even if they mean it in a good way because they cannot understand otherwise, and will not understand that all of EY belongs to the bnei Yisrael forever and to no one else. G-D's promise is the only promise that matters.