15 January 2014

The Ugly Israeli

14 Shevat 5774

Ever look at Israeli news broadcasts? It's the only glimpse I get of "the other side." The "Israelis." They are like foreigners. They resemble nothing that I know. It's like we are living in two different realities. I can't even put myself in their place and see from their perspective. There is no brotherhood between us. They have no Jewish heart - no compassion for Jews. They might as well be a different species altogether. We see it and they see it, too - the difference between us. They mimic the goyim and not the best of them, but the worst of them.

Media Man: I 'Smiled' at Sight of Beaten Settlers

...[An] article in Maariv-NRG, where Zaresky is a frequent contributor, is devoted to Zaresky's confession that he was happy to see young Jews badly beaten by Arab villagers at Kusra, in Samaria, last week.

The ugly Israelis - no Jews among them.


  1. He wouldn't be so happy if the Arab mob came for him; they don't distinguish between religious and secular!

  2. If, G-d forbid, they would give away YoSh, the missiles would rain down on Tel Aviv and he would wonder why. He would be totally befuddled, "but we gave them a state!" Exactly.

  3. No Surprise..The Arizal said >66% are erev rav. The numbers are that bad..


  4. That explains how 2/3s of the people can be destroyed and at the same time no Jew will be lost.

    Great link by the way. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Judenrat traitor....and we know what happened to them.

  6. Can we trade all Meretz, Labor, Livni, Kadima, and half of Yeish Atid voters in Israel for an equal number of Jewish Romney/ Santorum/ Bachmann voters in the United States?? Are there enough Jewish Romney voters in the US to even call it an even exchange?

  7. Can we get rid of all Meretz, Labor, Livni, Kadima, and half of Yeish Atid voters in Israel and just leave the American exceptionalism crowd where they are?

    Anyone who believes voting in America serves any purpose at all is of no use here, imho.

  8. I don't think that voting in America makes any difference either, but at least by how people vote there, we can get a basic measure of their sanity and to a lesser extent their sense of common decency.

    For instance, Santorum voters will vote for people with well established good Midot even when they start voting here. Getting people to lose their desire for the midbar is a separate issue. The Sin of the Spies and their desire for the midbar is one thing. The Sin of the Erev Rav is the Sin of the molten golden Calf (aka the Melting Pot). They are separate sins.

  9. The point being that many Jewish Romney voters may be guilty of desiring the Midbar over Eretz Yisrael, but they are more likely to be decent human beings than those who voted twice for Little Paro. It's a numbers game to exchange the Erev Rav here for decent Jews in Chu"l.

  10. Are you talking about Jews? or others as well?

  11. I was only speaking about Jews, real ones and the Erev Rav.

    The Sin of the Golden Calf had two facets

    1. to serve G-d in order to make money being the essence of Utopia. Most Jews engaged in this at Sinai and were forgiven on the first Yom Kippur. This is the original intent though the Founders of the United States as a nation as established by the goyim for that purpose. Some real Jews buy into this, but not many. And most of those are Free-Masons. Most Erev Rav Jews today sadly fall into the category below.

    2. to actually serve the Golden Calf as an avodah zarah. Only 3000 real Jews did this and were killed that very day by the Levi'im. This was of course the purpose of the entire Erev Rav.