01 August 2013

"Nine Months"

Menachem Av 5773

Rabbi Yehuda said: (Moshiach) Ben David will not come until the wicked Roman kingdom will spread throughout the World for 9 months.

Nine-month goal for Middle East peace deal

Israel, Palestinians eye peace deal in 9 months

Israel, Palestinians seek peace deal within nine months

Mid-East peace deal 'in nine months' says John Kerry

Kerry Says Goal Is Mideast Peace Deal Within 9 Months

Israeli, Palestinian delegates aim for final deal within nine months

Middle East peace deal sought 'within nine months'

And there's more, but you get the idea.


  1. Very interesting connection of the dots!

  2. It's worth noting, too, that 9 mos from Av brings us to Nissan next year because there will be two Adars.

  3. However, there is another way to look at this. The reference to "nine months" may not be literal, but may be describing a period of time leading up to a birth - a period of pregnancy - which could in actual time be of much longer duration, i.e. something which began even twenty years ago and is now coming to its end. Heaven's shouting of "nine months" at us through the media may not be telling us there there is still nine months to go, but that the 'nine months' is ending!!

    I guess it will be determined by our teshuva, unless this is the final end which does not hinge on our teshuva at all.