12 August 2013

"Discussion with Moishe'la" - Part 4

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Discussion with Moishe’la
A Handicapped child
29 Av 5773 (Aug 4'13)

If we’ll live Al Kiddush Hashem
We won’t have to die Al Kiddush Hashem

I am still very miserable, even though I seem relatively happy. The truth is revealing itself at a fast and furious pace, and still people are not reacting. Many are, but most aren’t.

The whole world is being lied to in an unbelievably enormous way, and no one or very few are paying any attention. There is no reaction. Either people are so confused by it all that they rather not even think of it, or they’re just plain stupid.

Another reason for ignoring the truth is that we’re so afraid to lose our relative security, financial security etc., even though so many people already do not have that also.

It’s actually mind boggling how far lies have gone, how a relatively small group of sadistic people could fool the entire world, with the exception of a very small minority that is for the most part cut off from the Klal and is close to the truth, and is trying very hard to make people realize what is happening.

My fellow Jews will say to me, ”You must trust Hashem. You don’t have to get into all the politics about everything that is happening. Just trust Hashem”. However when they say that to me, my heart shrinks and my stomach is attacked by terrible pains. What they are really saying to me, is not that they advocate really trusting Hashem, they are only words that really indicate that they want me to shut up, and not disturb their serenity.

Well, I can NOT shut up, and first and foremost we must trust Hashem. However, Hashem made the world the way it is. Hashem is revealing all the Sheker, all the lies. Hashem is showing us what evil means. If we ignore this then we’re going against Hashem’s will.

Hashem wants us to do Teshuva. Therefore He is spreading out before us, before our eyes the filth and disgusting happenings in the world. The murder, the degeneracy that has gone way out of anything even close to normal. He’s showing it all to us. If we ignore that it exists, then we are doing something very wrong, and we can’t do Teshuva while we’re so complacent and refusing to see the truth.

Anyone that sees the truth and ignores it, and goes back to his silly way of life, is doing a big Aveirah. Every Yid that sees that truth so clearly and chooses to ignore it because doing Teshuva is not exactly what he had in mind right now, then that Jew is in very bad shape. I know that most of my fellow Frum Jews, are ignoring the truth because they don’t want to suffer. They are afraid to know that we’re coming to the end. They are used to this Gashmiusdik life, and they don’t want it to change, even though it’s already changed. But in their stubbornness to hold on anyway to their false dreams, to their false goals, they’re willing to ignore the fact that our very lives are being threatened. Not only our lives but also our children’s lives, SheLo Naida.

Still, yes, we have to come back to Hashem and do complete Teshuva, but complete Teshuva. We most break away from the lie which is the Gashmius, and come to the truth, which means to sacrifice ourselves for our Yiddishkeit. To sacrifice our comfort and our way of life that is tainted already, and only come close to Hashem. To live Al Kiddush Hashem. If we’ll live Al Kiddush Hashem, Bezras Hashem, we won’t have to die Al Kiddush Hashem.

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