12 August 2013

"Discussion with Moishe'la" - Part 1

(As received by email)


Discussion with Moishela
A handicapped child
20 AV 5773 (July 27 ’13)

This Golus is much too long
The influence of  
The Goyish world is much too strong

Why were you so restless in your sleep last night Moishela?

Wednesday night I dreamed that Zaidy came to me from Olam Ha’emes. He was crying. And he was barefoot. He was wearing his Tallis and his Tefillin, and he was crying. His clothes were torn and not clean and he sat down beside me and cried and cried. He told me there will be a great Gezairah, a punishment for the Yidden all over the world because of the fact that in Yerushalayim the Yidden are allowing this terrible desecration of Hashem’s name. Then he just sat and cried and cried and I cried with him. Then I woke up and fell asleep again. He was still there in my dream and crying, and I cried also.

Last night the same thing happened. I went to sleep and again I saw him still crying. I sat down with him and begged him, “What can we do?” He said “Daven for Klall Yisroel. Beg Hashem to understand that this Golus is way too long and the influence from the Goyish world around us is way too strong and its pull is very powerful, and this is a test much harder than the test of Avodah Zorah in former years. Because in those days still the Yidden were strong and when they did Teshuvah it was because they understood in their hearts and in their minds that it was the correct thing to do, and Hashem took away The Yezer Horah of Avodah Zorah because it was too powerful.

“But the Goyish world today is strong with pleasures and we are weak and don’t know how to do Teshuvah like in the past. So we must beg Hashem to help us the same way that He has helped us throughout history. Hashem has wiped out our enemies and saved us and Hashem should continue to help every Yid to do Teshuva and have pity on us, this last generation which is so far from the Emes.

“Please Hashem just save us because in one second You, Hashem, can raise us up to greatest heights. There are still many Yidden putting on Tefillin, saying Shema, learning Torah, keeping Mitzvos as they should be etc. They keep Shabbos and Yom Tov.

“It’s almost two thousand years of being disconnected from our land, Eretz Yisroel. And even those of us who live in Eretz Yisroel are in Golus and Be’ezras Hashem still holding on. Even if our Mesiras Nefesh is not comparable to the Mesiras Nefesh of the previous generations, please understand that for us it is a lot.

“Please have pity and raise us up, so when Moshiach comes we will be able to recognize him and accept him and come back to Hashem and bask in His goodness for all eternity.”
And then my dear Zaidy disappeared.

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