The Plan - First Stage
    On a practical level, there are two areas that we see to be of utmost importance at this time.
I.  Defense -
everything must be done to insure the physical safety of Jews who will continue living in Yesha and the Golan.

    A.  Hand-to-hand combat, streetfighting and simple effective self-defense techniques must be taught to every adult and child.  We are establishing a network of instructors who will come to the settlements to teach on a regular basis.  We need funds to cover the time and travel expenses of those instructors who are unable to volunteer.
    B.  Firearms instructors - every person must know how to use a firearm, be it a handgun, an Uzi or an M-16.  We need instructors who will teach groups of adults at both closed and open-air ranges.  No less important is the practiseneede to be effective.  The army is either unable or unwilling to provide the range time and quantities of ammunition for this purpose.  We urgently need funds to pay for range time, ammunition for practise and instructors unable to volunteer.  We are checking the legal aspects of importing reloading equipment and supplies.
    C.  First-aid training - we are working on setting up a network of combat medics; doctors who will teach every adult the basics of first aid.
    D.  Medical supplies and equipment, including ambulances, emergency surgical equipment, blood banks, etc. are going to be needed.
    E.  Bullet-proof security vehicles and vests will be needed in large quantities.
    F.   Road safety patrols - we will need jeeps and other 4x4 vehicles, car radios, hand-held searchlights and tow trucks.
    We urge everyone who can volunteer expertise, funds or ideas to contact us ASAP.
II.  Public awareness campaign -
    Unfortunately, the "leaders" of moetzet Yesha, the Golan Settlement Committee and others are wasting precious public funds on sterile public relations campaigns designed to play on guilt feelings of the average Israeli in order to sway the majority in any future referendum.  Aside from the fact that Torah forbids us from participation in such a referendum (can we participate in a referendum on keeping shabbat or kashrut?!).  Slogans such as "Don't abandon brothers." have no chance against a well-oiled, left-controlled TV and news media.  There isn't one "leader" or organization today that speaks of any plans in case the government does decide to "abandon their brothers".
    This silence plays into the hands of the government by sapping the strength and determination of settlers to stay put.  They see no hope, no alternative, in case of abandonment by the government.
    The following steps must be taken within the settler circles:
    A.  We must start with a mail-in campaign to aquaint the people with the ideas expressed above.  The people who live in these areas must be convinced that the idea of self-rule is indeed very difficult, but not impossible.  They must be reminded of the "impossible" odds in 1947-48 when the state of Israel came into being.  After an initial introductory letter, there should be a weekly update letter explaining the progress and future steps to be taken.  Posters must be printed and posted promoting the idea of a true Jewish state.
    B.  We will start holding "house parties" to promote the idea.  Once the word gets out, we will organize larger public gatherings, conventions, etc.  At the same time, promotional efforts must be made among the people living within the Green Line.
        The religious population in Israel is beginning to feel like a persecuted minority within the state, and this feeling is likely to increase.  We will start a campaign to promote aliyah to the state of Judea as the only solution for improving their spiritual environment.
        As the general morality level of the state of Israel continues to deteriorate rapidly, it will become increasingly hard for the religious minority to preserve its religious values and keep their children religious.  The dangerous trend of "discarding kippot" will only gain momentum as the walls of the ghetto crumble before the onslaught of promiscuity.  The demands by the left to revoke the draft exemptions given to yeshiva students will grow louder.  Their opposition to any compromise will increase (a la The Tal Commission), and if these boys will have to go into the army they may as well do so in a true Jewish army of a true Jewish state.  Torah law will be the law of the land.  The educational system will be set up in accordance with the letter and the spirit of the Torah.  The religious community will finally have a choice it never had before - to live in Eretz Yisrael in a truly Jewish state.
        The same choice must also be presented to the Jews of Diaspora.  All those who didn't want to come to Eretz Yisrael because of the secular state of Israel will now have an opportunity to come.  Those who will choose to remain in the exile will be asked to contribute expertise, funds and time for the state of Judea.
        The secular population of Israel must also be educated about the dangers of  a "Palestinian" state in Yesha.  Organized trips must start immediately to aquaint the public with the areas in question.  Video footage must be provided for those afraid to come out there, to be shown at house parties and other gatherings.  We must try to change the public's perception of these areas from some theoretical "occupied territory" to that of "the hill overlooking your home".  Lectures by experts in security, water resources, etc. will explain to the public the dangers of relinquishing control over the Golan and Yesha.  It may not be possible to convince the Israeli public to hold on to the land, but it is certainly within the reach to convince them to passively support a state of Judea rather than a state of "Palestine".
        We urge everyone who can contribute expertise, ideas, funds, etc. to do so.  We believe the ideas expressed above to be viable.  We must do everything in our power to keep the land of Israel under Jewish control, "and G-d will do what is good in His eyes".  That is a true Jewish definition of "not relying on miracles".

-M- 1